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    Tuesday, September 14, 2010

    MS, Google Email screw up

    I'm so damn mad I could spit nails.

    I'm not sure who's fault it is, Google or Micro Soft?

    You know how your cursor jumps around like hell,
    like I'm spastic. It just jumped around and clicked
    discard in Gmail and that is not retrievable.
    Its an unrecoverable ERROR.
    It doesn't go to TRASH or Spam, Google
    kills it.
    Even though I clicked "Save" many times
    during the writing. SOB.

    I spent 2.5 hrs on this report and its gone. Vapor...
    into the either, on the wind.
    I guess I blame Gmail for having a irretrievable
    "Discard" button Without a warning confirm button... WTF?

    And MS for the spastic cursor, curse them both.
    May Micro Softs colon work as smoothly as their
    cursor, May Googles servers discover their "Discard"

    DAMN Damn damn.
    Screammmmm. UGHHHHHH.
    It was genius stuff too.

    And Google USED to be my fav Co.

    I need to recover a DRAFT c. 4 PM today -- accidentally the DISCARD button was clicked -- I can't imagine that with all the "delete forever" and trash recovery capabilities on everything else that gmail has no recovery option for DRAFTS which are crucial !!!

    Perhaps the DISCARD button needs to be removed and someone at gmail needs to be fired if (with all the complaints reported for as long as this seems to have been a problem ( YEARS)

    I just had this happen unexpectedly today. I did NOT hit the discard button and must have shortcuts enabled because I went to look for a draft that I have had saved for OVER 2 YEARS today and it was suddenly gone. This is ridiculous that these are not in the trash or somewhere to be recovered. I have lots valuable information that I did not store anywhere else, including dates, times and codes that I needed!!!!!! Very angry.

    By mistake, I mis-click the next button over (oh no! It's the dreaded "Discard" button) and my hours of work are gone! No "Are you sure?" prompt. Poof. It's gone. 
    There was one window of opportunity before I panicked -- I could have clicked the "Undo" link. But why can't Google let me find my saved Draft in Trash like every other mail program does?

     Ok, WHEN is gmail going to have the capability, by default, to send deleted drafts to "trash" instead of being completely gone when deleted. Users have learned via many various other software products the past fifteen years, that things go to a "trash" location. Gmail breaks that familiarity. Here's another "question" - please explain why this ability is not implemented. It certainly is not for lack of space with all the "8gb and growing" etc. statements. 

    Google: please pick one of the following:
    1. We never read these posts and never listen to customers because we know best
    2. We ignore the request to have discarded drafts put in the trash because we know best
    3. We are too proud to implement things requested from us and also we know best
    4. We do not know how to implement this change - the code is so brittle we are afraid it will break if we do this change - and besides we know best

    SOURCE: Google support???



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