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    Friday, September 17, 2010

    Maybe "They" hear.

    We know they read.

    We said:

    Once they have power ( elect. ) then
    it becomes a question of popularity,
    not just listening to religious prayers,
    because of the cost of batteries.

    As we have said we do not fear
    what the terrorist say,
    We fear not anserwing their lies.

    You can't win the hearts and minds
    if your not taliking ( broadcasting ) to

    Once the power grid covers Afpaki
    "They" will have a choice of what
    to listen to, and hear both sides
    of the "INSURGENCY".


    The Power ( elect. grid ) will
    give the people the power
    to hear a balanced view.

    The hearts and minds are
    waiting, ears open, but not
    enough elect power or Batteries
    to listen.

    This is the KEY to breaking the
    hold of the Taliban, ending the
    support for the Taliban, and
    turning the people to Allah.
    And true Islam.

    They did:

    US radio takes on Taliban in Afghan propaganda war
    KABUL, Afghanistan — A U.S.-funded radio station is hoping a small hand-cranked radio can help turn the tide in a propaganda war against the Taliban, handing out thousands of the devices in the hopes of winning over ordinary Afghans.
    "In most of those places there is no electricity, and batteries are expensive," Knapp said. The radios, a version of which was distributed in Haiti after the earthquake, are powered by both solar panels and a hand crank.
    Radio is key to reaching the majority of Afghans: With only a limited access to television, newspapers and the Internet, most depend on radio programs to get their information. In rural areas, where three-fourths of some 28 million Afghans live, 90 percent of women and 60 percent of men are illiterate, according to the latest surveys.
    International forces say they are fighting a two-pronged war in Afghanistan — one against the insurgents' weapons and the other their propaganda.
    Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty in 2002 launched Radio Azadi — Pashto for "Liberty" — in Afghanistan. The station — broadcasting in Pashto and Dari languages — claims to be the most popular source of news in the country, with a 43 percent market share and some 7.9 million listeners weekly.

    Genius, just Genius, G
    You like to think they know a good idea 
    when they hear one?

    Internet Anthropologist
    Its good to know even our paradigm Intel
    is heard, and appreciate our contacts for
    actionable Intel  at FBI, NSA, CIA, DOD,
    DHS, MI5, Saudi Intel, German BKA,
    among many others, Thanks.

    Still looking for contacts in Afghan and
    India and Pakistan.



    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Your work is appreciate even if we can't acknowledge it.
    An admirer

    5:50 PM  

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