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    Thursday, September 09, 2010

    Cyber weapons not indiscriminate

    There have been many comments about cyber weapons

    and how they are non discriminating, and problems with
    collateral damage.

    Attacks against a single terrorist website can cause damage to several servers across a number of countries. This is reportedly what happened in 2008 when an interagency task force attacked a U.S.-Saudi-created “honey pot” and took down 300 servers in Saudi Arabia, Germany and America with it

    Its just not true, unless your inexperienced or don't
    know what your doing. But there are accidents, we
    have had cyber weapons go off and wipe out one
    of our computers. They are dangerous. Rusty at
    Jawa knows about this incident.

    Cyber weapons are surgical, laser like in their
    targeting capabilities.
    You can take out a page on a site or an entire
    site, there is no need to take out a entire server,
    destroying every site on that server.

    We have left behind invisible programs that
    could check to see if the site/data/code is back
    and re-erase it, hourly, daily weekly of even monthly,
    depending on our operation.

    We tend to like the monthly option best, they
    get an entire month to reload everything, check it
    and get it running before we destroy it again.

    Penetrating the forums is another good approach
    causing dissension, and confusion and rampant 
    paranoia with in the Insurgents. 

    We were able to penetrate the al qaeda cult so 
    deeply they offered us Money, but the FBI 
    nixed the funding. Moles are very successful.
    And the threat of moles cut down on insurgent
    communication, trust and morale.

    The range, scope and power of cyber weapons
    is almost unlimited, untraceable and anonymous.
    They allow precision laser attacks and limit collateral

    Our BSU's ( Bot surveillance Units ) have been of 
    incalculable value in tracking and tracing terrorists.

    Come to the night mare, come to me.
    deep down in the cyber dark,
    with the devil, PC and me.

    Internet Anthropologist
    Tactical Internet Systems analyst
    PS all data related to cyber battles have been deleted to NSA standards.
    Nothing remains on any of our PCs.


    Stuxnet even uses a finger print to be sure of target.



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