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    Saturday, September 11, 2010

    911 challenges

    911 remembrance:

    bin laden has abandoned his al qaeda cult, AWOL 5 yrs NOW. Praying to Allah in shame for forgiveness. G

    Top Ways 9/11 Broke Islamic Law

    US winning war on Terrorism:Click links on this page for proofs,G

    "  freedom to build a mosque at ground zero is the same freedom to burn a koran."

    Obama Calls for Religious Tolerance as Protests Persist, he asks Americans 
    to be tolerant, But not Muslims.?

    Internet Anthropologist
    Personal note: As a broker I worked in the 
    World Trade Center, S tower, 103, for Dean Witter, we
    had 2 whole floors.

     We are Cyber Warriors



    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I hope you kicked some cyber-jihadi butt today.

    5:05 AM  
    Blogger gerald said...

    That would be illegal, and the Feds might investigate it, we don't do anything illegal.You don't even have to actually do anything wrong or illegal to get them on your ass.


    2:04 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Keeping the rest of us informed is a good way to "kick some butt".

    Keep up the good work, I enjoy reading your insights.

    4:50 PM  

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