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    Friday, August 06, 2010

    New al Quada target

    LocationFujairahUnitedArabEmiratesImage via Wikipedia
    We adjusted photos brightness and contrast.

    Damage control: The M Star oil tanker owned by Japanese shipper Mitsui OSK pictured at sea near Fujairah port in the United Arab Emirates July 29. After Mitsui OSK said it believed the M Star might have been the subject of an unidentified attack in the Strait of Hormuz, U.A.E. port officials examining the ship said it may have hit a submarine or a mine. Port officials had earlier suggested the damage might have been inflicted by natural causes such as a post-earthquake wave.

    Evidently its a double hull. Epic al Qaeda cult fail, AGAIN.
    Next time may be different. If the hull had cracked the
    world press would have many stories about the oil leak
    and environmental damage and al Qaeda's success and power.

    The blast is curious, no penetration, not a Iranian type IED,
    probably home made, pirates?

    both a joke, evidently there is no perimeter security on the oil
    ships and the attack ducked radar, this is only the first.
    The oil tankers need self defense security teams, and
    in dangerous military/naval security surveillance.

    Iran has got Obama's message, they were quite alarmed
    they may be blamed for the attack and took great
    measures to deny responsibility and help track

    Some al Qaeda branch claimed responsibility,
    after quite some time. Suspect the claim is false.
    But they and we now have proof of concept.

    Any lessons learned form the anti-pirate



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