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    Tuesday, August 03, 2010

    Los pepes and Iraq:

    Los pepes and Iraq:

    There are some similarities
    between Iraq and Colombia
    re-establishing order.

    Los Pepes in Colombia
    helped cut Pablo's drug cartel
    down to size.
    And reduced support for
    Pablo. But their methods
    were just as violent as the
    drug cartel actions.
    But they were able to do things
    the Government couldn't do.
    And brought a powerful hurt
    to the drug cartel.

    In Iraq some of the neighborhood
    movements were armed
    and drove al Qaeda out,
    the neighborhood intelligence
    was more advanced then
    even US Intel. They had
    defacto spies already in
    place. And also brought
    a powerful hurt to al Queda.

    There are enough tribes
    in Afghan that have had
    their leaders killed by
    the Taliban ( over 200 )
    that they may
    at some point if armed
    and given air support,
    like in Iraq would take
    on the Taliban.

    At some point the Taliban
    suicide bombers may bring
    a suicide response from
    their victims, against the
    very tribes sheltering the
    If the victims get organized.

    While many would view this
    as counter productive this
    empowerment of the Taliban's
    victims will cause great fear
    among the Taliban rank and
    file, and their support systems.
    While returning a feeling of
    self protection and power
    to the 'victim' tribes.

    The Taliban may ask
    for talks, and abide by treatys
     if they were faced with
    their own insurrection/destruction.

    The Taliban are functioning as
    gangsters in many parts of
    Afghan, looting, robbery
    and kidnapping, bank
    robbing, drug lords, etc.
    Just criminals, with out

    These groups must be
    aliened with the Afghan
    Government first,
    Sysadmin function.
    To prevent just another
    level of insurgency later.
    If they can see an advantage
    to working with the Afghan
    Government, its a third
    front against the Taliban
    and embedded within the

    A huge advantage in
    intelligence collection.

    And maybe the final turning
    point against al Qaeda and
    the criminal Taliban.

    Suicide bombing, bombing
    market places, bombing Mosques,
    killing women and children.
    Using even children and female
    suicide bombers.
    A slaughter of civilians by the
    Taliban has an hidden even
    secret effect.

    The hatred and anger against
    the Taliban is real and its there
    but maybe hidden by fear and a
    feeling of powerlessness.

    This indigenous civilian force doesn't
    seem to have been tapped,
    and this maybe a necessary interim step
    towards self governing,
    just as it was in Colombia and

    Winning the hearts and minds
    may have an element of empowering
    the victims, to seek revenge and react
    offensively for a while against the
    Taliban criminals.
    Indigenous take the lead
    with US support and backing.



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