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    Friday, August 20, 2010

    Iran's fear of the USA

    Anyone know what this is?

    There is a part of Iran that is scared of USA,
    and another part that is disparaging self contemptous on the other hand.

    I've spoke to this paradigm before.
    and will take another run at it.

    When I was in Morocco I discovered
    the seminal seed of that paradigm.

    In the Bazaar its expected that you
    will haggle, not because its fun,
    but because it produces more 
    income for the seller. 

    I noticed in the bazaar the merchant
    became irritated when I accepted 
    and paid what he ask without any

    At first it seemed a cultural hickup
    it just didn't make sense. Do they
    really like to haggle that much?
    Is that their idea of fun?

    And I think the same context is going
    on between Iran and the USA and its
    becoming even more problematic.

    Iran doesn't trust the USA and from
    their stand point and culture they have 
    good reason.

    The reason the merchant gets upset
    when you don't haggle, and he isn't angry with
    you but angry at himself, self loathing, but
    very intermittent and short lived but

    He is upset because he could have asked
    the dumb rich American 100% more for the 
    Item or maybe even 500% more.

    You didn't haggle the upper range of
    what you would pay remains unknown,
    His price was to low, he could have asked
    for more, he can't know because you didn't refuse
    the price or haggle. If you don't haggle its
    an insult to him because he was bested,
    He got less than the Maximum you would pay.

    And You bought his merchandise for less than
    the top price you were willing to pay. That makes
    you the winner in this little transaction.

    I hope that makes sense.

    Iran is running with the same paradigm
    in similar context.

    Iran seized the American Embassy and held
    300 Americans hostage for 400 days.
    And hardly anything happened,
    They could have done more, gone further
    before anything happened.
    The didn't get a feeling for the USA's upper
    level of tolerance is.

    And this context has been repeating its self
    for 20 yrs with USA and Iran.

    Sending IEDs to Afpak, 
    nothing happened.

    Sending batteries to Afgha
    for the old sholder fired missles.
    Nothing happened.

    Stole the Iranian election,
    Nothing happened.

    Building a nuclear weapon,
    and so far nothing has happened.
    And thats where they get scared.

    Would USA get so upset, fed up that it SNAPPED
    and pull an Hiroshima in Iran?

    After every thing Iran has done to provoke
    USA they haven't been able to come up 
    with any thing that is so far out that it
    has elicited an Military response from USA.

    Its almost like a teenager, you can't hit or
    spank them, no physical punishment.
    We let them get away with everything,
    Untill they kill someone then we try them 
    like an adult, Hiroshima their little asses.
    Send the kids to prision for life.
    Iran doesn't want to trip that paradigm.
    And USA does have it.

    USA needs a military response to some
    Iranian action, to show we won't crush
    them like a bug.
    That we respect them and will take disciplinarian
    actions that are in kind and reasonable.

    By setting limits and acting we establish boundaries
    Iran will understand, not saying they will respect those
    boundaries, but they will know where they are.
    They can see the trip wire, they know where it is,
    this also reduces the fear of accidentally tripping
    a crush Iran trip wire.

    Somebody did hit one of the USA's trip wires.
    His name is Bin Laden. And how many places
    did he blow up before we took him seriously?

    And this will help reduce the FEAR,
    and real boundaries to work on without
    Iranian Regime being so frightened
    that they feel they need Nukes to defend 
    against USA.

    It over simplified, and not exact but the ideas 
    and hypothesis are all there.

    Internet Anthropologist

    .This was just as scary as it was funny.
    But I didn't laugh,G


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