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    Thursday, July 15, 2010

    Shahram Amiri, DEAD.

    Iranian nuclear physicist  Shahram Amiri, DEAD man walking.

    As soon as he gets the $5 million USD transferred to
    an Iranian bank. Then the Iranian Intelligence 
    agencys will seize the money and kill him.

    His death will be caused by an accident or small
    bomb, and Iran will blame it on the CIA or some
    resistance group.

    Iran will kill him as a warning to any other nuclear
    scientists thinking of defecting, and as a deterrent
    to the $5 million UDS bounty for high level Iranian
    nuclear scientists.

    IRGC and QODs will be anxious to kill him before
    more defect, but the regime will want plausible deny-ability.
    And will blame the West.

    Shahram Amiri will be a true Iranian martyr,
    part of the real Iranian Mujaheddin,
    he gave his life to stop the illegitimate
    Iranian regime's nuclear bomb program.



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