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    Tuesday, June 15, 2010

    Paki's ISI seeming make over.

    Paki's ISI  seeming make over.
    Sources from ISAF meetings at Bagram.  Says that Karzai and his pals call Nimruz, Helmand and Kandahar provinces "Marinistan" because the Marines have taken over the entire area and won't tell the ISAF and Karzai what they're doing and when.  No joint ops with Afghans, etc.

    The operation in Kandahar has been very quiet, and seemingly very successful.
    This has caught many off guard, and are sifting through the operation for the keys
    to its success. Hint human terrain teams ability to project intent thru surveys.
    US seems to have the tools to do the job, but do they have the time for the learning
    curve, to fast track core connections to the gap? Bring the Peace and infrastructure

    "questions about Hanif Atmar, Afghanistan's former interior minister, and former intelligence chief Amrullah Saleh. Jones said both "were well-respected by the Americans and the British" before Karzai fired them last week."

    Karzai is fumbling in the dark. Trying to bring some of the Taliban into the Afghan fold.
    Unaware of ISI's major secret operation forcing all indigenous players to a discussion table.
    ISI know where all the key players are located and has swept some of them up for Secret

    US may not be in on actual operational details but is consulted
    on over all objectives and US will issue guarantees on infrastructure
    rebuild to exploit meneral wealth in exchange for de-Talibanization.

    Paki and the ISI saw the reports early on the mineral wealth in Paki.
    And are taking steps to bring about political environment conducive
    to attracting investment funds for exploiting the mineral wealth.
    IE a non-terrorist environment.

    If Afghan has minerals so does Paki, find the Paki minerals.
    Make the reports public.

    While Paki knew about the mineral wealth before, this is the first
    time the actual amount of wealth has been addressed, and Paki has a partner
    that could develop the infrastructure fast track to mine the wealth.

    Paki's ISI is the father of the Taiban and has funded and aided them
    for decades, but recently the dog has turned on its masters and
    is now standing in the way of a huge leap in Paki's economy.

    Paki's ISI has a new teat to suckle, instead of the US $1 billion a
    year in terrorist funding, they have a crack at $1 trillion jack pot,
    with a new infrastructure which will raise the average Paki's standard
    of living considerably. But only if ISI can bring enough peace to
    the region to attract investments in to what would be considered a safe

    Can ISI bring in its puppets, and defang them?
    Will ISI give up interference in Afghan for a
    Trillion dollar jack pot?
    For the first time ever Paki and US may have the
    same goals in mind for Afpak.

    New foot steps;

    The paradigm indicates ISI will negotiate many
    peace treatys with Taliban factions and many
    Taliban assignations by the ISI when the Taliban
    break the treatys.
    Until the Taliban leadership is governed by
    Taliban leaders that will keep treatys.
    Expect many Taliban leaders to go quiet
    as process unfolds.

    Afghan and Karazai will fall into line
    and will see the benefits to Paki's
    mineral windfall.


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