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    Thursday, June 17, 2010

    GOPB, Green and Palin

    Thank you Mr.Barton. G

    Barton got the most donations from the oil lobby, around $2 million.
    The lobbyist that got that published, and Barton to pick it up, just
    lost his job. The lobbyist's have no long term views,  this makes 
    them dangerous. Got Wall St.Banking regs rolled back and the
    banks came close to bringing down the Worlds capital markets.G

    Surprised by Mr.Green?
    Its happened before Sara Palin,
    peas of the same pod.
    But HOW?
    Paradigm Intel says Everybody
    voted for the underdog,
    somebody they never heard of.

    The next election will be very interesting.
    The Public is fed up with Congress,
    This maybe how 'they' express the


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