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    Sunday, May 02, 2010

    Times Square car bomb:

     The "da bomber"?

    Times Square car bomb: ( Amateurs )
    Epic FAIL:
    Updating every 5 min.

    Bomb squad guy looking into SUV

    Removing items from SUV

    Times Square evacuated.
    Discovered 6:30 pm EST.
    SUV with Gas, Propane, and gunpowder.
    Two clocks, wires and fire works?.
    Parked illegally?
    "1800 577 tips" Hot line...
    Was smoking and poping, failed to set ot off.
    Empty metal box in car??? Locked??
    "loaded with a bomb made of electrical components,
    three propane gas tanks and two additional gas canisters. "
    Also reporting Black Gunpower.

    Hercules  teams on site.

    On 44th st and Broadway, Across form theater
    playing "Lion King".
    Some subway locations shut down.
    Others report the location as West 45th Street and Seventh Avenue.
    Plates do not match the SUV,  Nissan Pathfinder.
    Plates go to a Ford 150 in Connecticut.
    Checking vid cams trying to ID perp.

    Robot opening hood and trunk area,
    shoots jets of water.
    broke windows, to check with cam.
    NYPD bomb squad checking for other
    DHS and FBI on sceen.

    Breaking, check back.


    Sounds similar to auto bomb
    at Air port in Glasgow several
    yrs ago. G

    Switching plates indicates the use of stolen car.
    Moved to staging area, loaded with bomb then
    drove to Times Sq and parked.
    Plates from junk yard.
    VIN # removed...should have hidden VIN
    on other parts.
    Paradigm Intel says few clues on SUV.
    Wore gloves to drive SUV.
    Tinted windows.
    Best leads from video cams in area.
    And prints on bomb parts, it didn't
    explode , they expected bomb parts
    to burn up....High probability lone terrorist.
    It didn't go off, amateur, FBI didn't know
    about him indicates lone person.
    NO noise or chatter.
    Expect perps name and Photo with in 24 hrs. G

    Larry Franklin, 56, a street vendor ( Nam vet, T shirts, G ) said a friend reported a man to police who put keys in the black SUV and walked away. His friend told him smoke began coming out of the back and police rushed to the scene.

    Video Guy in bomb suit sticks head in SUV:


    .Post closed 2:32  am EST, G

    The SUV was left running, The vehicle was abandoned 
    with its engine on and hazard lights flashing and parked 10 foot
    from the curb, suggests "da bomb" may have started
    to malfunctioned while he was driving it.
    Where the car bomb ended up may not have
    been its intended target. ...G
    He turned on the Hazard blinkers..?

    Taliban lies about Times Square FAIL bombing in vid.



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    Hakeemullah Mehsud alive video

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