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    Sunday, May 16, 2010

    The rise of "cyber person state" threat

    New Cyber War paradigm.
    The rise of Cyber  person state threat

    Dancho Danchev outlines a new crimeware paradigm,
    but its equally applicable to the Cyber War Paradigm.G

    But by mid-2009, phishing was dominated by one player as never before the Avalanche phishing operation. This criminal entity is one of the most sophisticated and damaging on the Internet, and perfected a mass-production system for deploying phishing sites and "crimeware" - malware designed specifically to automate identity theft and facilitate unauthorized transactions from consumer bank accounts.

    The Avalanche botnet is the middle-step between the spamming botnet and Trojans that steal banking information. It is basically a hosting platform used by the attackers. Because the Avalanche bots act as a simple proxy, and there are thousands of them, it has been exceedingly difficult to shutdown the phish pages.

    One of the most notable facts about the botnet, is their persistent interaction with the TROYAK-AS cybercrime-friendly ISP, where they used to host a huge percentage of their ZeuS C&Cs, next to the actual client-side exploit serving iFrame domains/IPs, found on each and every of their phishing pages. The following chronology, exclusively details their client-side exploits/ZeuS crimeware serving campaigns.


    This maybe proof of concept of the WWW dominated by one player.
    The elements are there, and is a very disturbing look into the future
    of Cyber War.

    The criminal has mastered the WWW to the extent no one can catch
    him or force his bots off the Net, or even take control of them.
    And I remind you of Cornfliker many, many times the size of the
    Avalanche bots net.

    This presents the possibility of one person having the same power 
    as state in a cyber attack.

    This is a very problematic paradigm.

    Internet Anthropologist

    Control of the Cyber Battle field.
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