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    Saturday, April 24, 2010

    Timothy McVeigh's decision process.

    Timothy McVeigh's decision process.

     and independent American terrorist.

    Just saw the special on MSNBC.
    Poorly done. They miss Tims point

    Tim was very clear he was applying his military training
    to what he considered a combat situation.

    I want to make it clear from the onset I have no
    sympathy or reservations about Tim being
    wrong and an terrorist, but I am going to 
    look at this through his eyes, looking to get a 
    handle insights on domestic terrorism.

    The training Tim was talking about was
    army doctrine. 
    When you don't have rules of engagement
    you look at what the enemy is doing and
    take the lead from them.

    And Tim had come to view the Government
    as the enemy. 
    How and why I'm not going to examine here.

    But the collateral damage at Ruby Ridge
    and Waco , the dead children and women
    he did not view as collateral deaths but
    as murder.

    The trigger seems to be the American 
    Government, power, killing innocents,

    And in his mind turned this into
    his guideline or rules of engagement.

    He views the dead children at Murrah Building 
    the same as the dead children
    burned at the Waco Siege.
    The one group of dead children
    some how balanced out the
    other group of dead children,
    in his mind.

    Quid pro Quo.

    He is very clear about his motives
    and activating factors.

    He was sending a message to
    the American Government,
    with a body count.

    His paradigm would point
    to the importance of not
    having any collateral damage
    in any American operations
    against Americans in reference
    to American generated terrorist.

    There doesn't seem to be any
    problem in the killing of principals.
    It is a risk they assume when they
    take on America as an enemy.
    And there doesn't seem to be
    any vengeance associated with
    killing active participants.
    Vengeance seems to be associated
    with collateral damage.
    In the case of McVeigh.

    I differentiate this type of terrorism
    from work place mass murders,
    that is more associated with 

    Where by someone becomes 
    so disassociate from society
    they view it as alien from themselves
    and strike out in anger.
    They feel society has struck out
    against them unfairly, illegally
    and they feel they have no recourse
    except violence.

    In Tim's case the Government
    nor society had taken any actions
    directly against Tim.

    The air plane into the Federal Income
    Tax building recently, may be a good
    example of Disassociation. Or other 
    examples of going Postal.

    Tim's paradigm points to the critical
    element in American Ops on Americans,
    that there be NO collateral damages/ deaths.
    To prevent American generated terrorist.

    I suspect that the American Somalia 
    youths going to Somalia to fight for
    al Qaeda cult has adopted this flavor
    of Tim's terrorism.
    They are brain washed into believing
    in American caused collateral deaths
    associated with "their people" is motivation
    for joining the al Qaeda cult.

    And I'm sure this has a counter point
    in Afpak and terrorist recruiting also.

    Collateral deaths equals effective Info War
    propaganda for recruiting terrorists.

    Tim said the score board
    was 168 to 1, if the Government
    killed him.

    He viewed this as a win.

    And he had to get caught to
    send his full message.




    Blogger gerald said...

    I don't think its a far step to go from "they did this"
    to "they said they would do this"
    I would tighten security, G

    9:09 PM  

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