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    Friday, April 30, 2010

    Omar knew about 911

    Paradigm Intel: 
    Mulla Omar knew about 911.

    Massoud asked Bin Laden to arbitrate between
    the Northern alliance and the Taliban.

    For the Sunni Pashtoons to come together
    and form a new Government with the Shiia
    Northern alliance.

    Bin Laden came to Afghan into a city
    controlled by the N Alliance.

    At this time Bin Laden was not favorably
    disposed towards the Taliban.

    Shortly there after the Taliban over ran 
    the city Bin Laden had moved to.

    At this time Binny was starting the 911

    Both Mulla Omar and Binny are Sunni,
    Binny knew USA was going to do something
    about the 911 attack, He hoped the US would 
    come to Afghan like the Russians did  and
    he hoped to defeat US like Russia was defeated
    in Afghan.

    At this juncture Binny has financial support from
    Saudi Arabia. Big bucks that were needed in Afghan.

    The Taliban could not defeat Massoud.
    Binny knew or hoped war would be coming
    to Afghan, and knew he Binny was at risk.

    Binny could provide Millions of usd, and take
    out Massoud with a suicide bomber. 
    Taliban at that time didn't believe
    in suicide bombings, Binny did.
    And the al Qaeda cult would provide

    Bin Laden made a deal with Mulla Omar
    to take out Massoud and provide Millions of 
    dollars in exchange for protection.

    Omar is an astute tactician.
    And insisted on knowing what
    he would be protecting Binny from?

    They would plan and dream of defeating
    the US. and Omar could come up with
    excuses to protect Bin Laden, Pashtoon
    loyalty to a guest, "didn't know", Binny
    lied to him, said he, Binny wasn't involved.

    And we know the story from there.
    But now Mulla can't allow Binny and
    company to be captured alive,
    the truth about Mulla Omar knowing 
    about 911 would come out.

    So Binny has tacitly blackmailed
    Mulla Omar into continuing to protect
    him, even while hiding from Omar,
    to protect his own life.

    The Taliban talking peace with
    the Afghan Government makes 
    Binny very nervous, as Binny would
    have to be killed first to keep him
    quiet about Mulla Omars knowledge
    of 911 pre attack.

    Mulla Omar's men maybe quietly
    hunting Binny now in order to try
    and bring peace tp Afghan.




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