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    Tuesday, April 13, 2010

    How health care was passd

    Frontlines , "Obama's Deal"

    Max Baucus got 2.5 million dollars from Insurance cos.

    Billy Tozen Lobyest gets $2 million a year in salary, from Pharma.

    Was the Pharma deal a buy off? Secret concessions to drug cos?
    A reward for the Drug Cos?

    Sen. Chuck Grassley flip flops.
    Republicans move to defeat Obama, just say NO program.
    Did racism play a part in the Republican program?

    Republicans push huge commercials lying about
    the health care bill.
    Lies; death panels, immigration, hidden taxes etc.

    Summer town meetings explode,
    from fake ads.
    Grassley turns yellow and
    bails out.

    Republicans threaten members with
    retaliation if they vote for Health Care.

    Insurance Companies go all out
    against health care.
    Flood congress with legal bribes
    and false studies promoted on TV.

    Ben Nelson held out for huge bribe
    to get his vote, Tax payers to 
    pay for his states Insurance cost
    for ever. Corn Husker kickback.

    At this point Obama has votes
    to pass bill in house and senate.

    Brown replaces Kennedy,
    and Health bill at risk.

    Insurance cos steps up
    false ads, spreading lies.

    Grass roots befuddled.

    Feb snow storms close
    Wash DC.

    Insurance cos do end run 
    around Obama, with
    fake ads, lying about health
    care plan. Huge program.
    Some congressmen sucked
    in by false ads.

    Obama has health care summit.
    Obama takes on Republicans in public
    one at a time. Confronts lies.
    Obama hits road for a solid month.
    promoting Health care.

    New vote, Health Care passes.
    All Democrats, not one Republican
    votes for health care.

    Check PBS Frontline.




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