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    Monday, April 26, 2010

    Cyber War real or Myth?

    Is there a Internet threat?
    Is it a serious condition?
    Could Western, world culture be at risk.

    Over at, the Danger room they
    don't believe the threat is real of serious.

    Even former Home Land Security bosses are confused.
    Do we do it over the internet or would it be easier to send in special forces? Chertoff
    His response was a shock. It showed a total lack of knowledge on the paradigm we are facing.

    Paradigm Intel indicates th3j35t3r  Jester has been arrested for
    using cyber sidearm against terrorist sites. He would take the sites off line for 30 min.
    at a time. And now he is being sweated for the details of his creation a cyer sidearm.
    Its a small European country trying to steal his cyber side arm, instead of buying it.

    One of the US allies have been on my PC looking for data on our BSU's, 
    Bot Surveillance Units, of course a rented PC and secret CD with a little
    war driving allow completely black ops in total secrecy. They saw exactly
    what we wanted them to see. We assume our PC's are not secure and operate

    We have had other US allies ( who thought they were acting undercover,
    ie not a foreign government power ) ask us to take down a Muslim site unconnected
    to terrorism, we viewed as an attempt to entrap us.

    Google got hit hard, and the public still doesn't realize the seriousness of the
    breach and theft. I give Goolge security high marks for recognizing  the seriousness 
    of the threat and taking a self defensive action against the intruders. They tracked the 
    perps and penetrated the attacking PC collecting data on 30+ other penetrations.
    If they had carried the offensive a little further they would have caught the actual 
    perpetrator. They quit just short of the C2 PC.

    There reaction was very professional and real time.

    The risk to the WWW is very real and very serious.
    We have seen proof of concept in the cyber DDOS attacks 
    against Georgia.

    We have measured the scope of Cornfliker and if
    that were turned against the WWW nodes in a super DDOS attack,
    the Internet could be brought down and kept down for prolonged 
    period. Crippling the world economic systems.

    Google is working with NSA and I would expect if they
    wanted to see your emails they would.

    Yahoo is the only email service fighting the Government on 
    this privacy issue.

    All the worlds security structures have been trying
    to kill cornfliker for over a year now and its still there.

    No one owns the WWW and there ain't no sheriff.
    Governments and Internet security companies continue
    to play catch up, banks continue to be robbed of millions 
    of dollars and American ID's are stolen so often the 
    price of Credit card info and ID info have dropped by
    75 %.

    We have assumed the position of Victim.
    Why are these IPs still up?

    Even SANS has bought this victim paradigm.
    90,000 attacks and we do nothing.

    An Email exchange with them.

    Thanks for writing in. 
    Why are those sites up? Usually because they are located in countries that do not have the facilities in place to have them shut down. 

    Why not take them down as suggested in the blog? Well typically because the machine belongs to someone other than the attacker. It would be like shooting the hostage in order to get the gun the baddie happens to be holding at the time. He'll just pick up another. The other reason many of us have is that in many jurisdictions breaking laws to irritate a lawbreaker is generally frowned upon.

    I understand;
    Thanks for replying.

    But I disagree with you on the hostage metaphor.
    Its more like a sniper is someone Else's house.
    Cops don't check to see who own house, don't care they take out the sniper.
    I think the right to self defense applies in most nations.
    And could be applied here, the right to defend ones self, 
    from over 90,000 attacks.

    The excuse is "he would just use another IP".
    does not hold watter.

    That paradigm is letting snipers run rampant 
    because they might move to different IP.

    This is not personal.
    I know its the current paradigm.
    I'm asking these Q to challenge that paradigm,
    there are options other than that of "helpless victim."
    They are working on some alternatives...

    Everybody has been penetrated Government, Big Corps,
    Banks Google even.

    The Government continues to focus on protecting their
    intra nets at the cost of the WWW, they may end up with
    secure intra nets with a DEAD cable connection as the
    WWW has been taken down by a massive DDOS attack.

    The WWW sky is falling, and I'm not chicken little.

    Internet Anthropologist
    Tactical Internet Systems analyst



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    Deterring Chinese Cyber Militias with Freedom Militias

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