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    Monday, March 01, 2010

    WWW terrorism shift

    The Internet terrorism Paradigm is changing compass.


    The Feds got a list of secret terrorism Mirrors for the 
    terrorist sites.

    Major Taliban sites have been downed and
    sites have been closed today. StarCMC.

    And many key Taliban sites have been DOWNED.

    We've been seeing a major push removing terrorist
    resources from the Net.

    al Qaeda cult doesn't trust the net and the Taliban
    are trying to set up a base on the WWW.

    Taking out the Terrorist resources will reduce
    recruiting and C2, and will force them into 
    more and slower human couriers.

    Which make them vulnerable to spys.

    This is a major shift.

    And a big dent in their recruiting.
    The WORLD is saying NO to the
    terrorist, get off the net, and the World
    agrees its the al Qaeda cult and
    A Successful extraction of
    the Terrorist form the WWW
    will attrit them


    "Need to bleed you when the light goes green,
    Bring death to the place your going to be.

    come to the night mare, come to me.
    deep down in the dark,
    with the devil and me.
    With the jaws of razor teeth.
    Shoot with the mind
    Aim with the hand.

    If another one stands I'll kill some more.
    Where the brimstone burns and the Angels weep.
    al Qaeda blood on my boots and in my teeth.
    Another river of blood under my feet.

    Roll with the Gods if I cross your path.
    Shadow of death is the one I cast.

    I'll stand in the path of the Enemy line.
    I Feel no fear.

    My eyes are steel and my gaze is long
    I am a warrior"

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Cyber Sniper

    Internet Anthropologist
    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.

    There are several major paradigm swings occurring
    now related to terrorism and they seem to be
    on track, but there is that "unintended" thing.

    I emailed this in because blogger posting was DOWN.




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