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    Sunday, March 28, 2010

    Iran END GAME

    Iran END GAME

    I'm not as worried about Iran getting a nuke as 
    I used to be.

    The timing is very important.
    The current regime will never
    get a nuke.

    Future Regimes probably.

    The risk / reward paradigm here 
    isn't good.

    Thinking it might bring the 13 th Imman.
    And USA would not nuke them back.
    To many innocent Iranians would die.
    It would be a massive surgical air strike
    around the clock for weeks if not months.

    So they just are not going to get a nuke.

    I they get close the Israelis will hit them
    with a few EMP ( non nuclear ) bombs.
    That will take out their culture as
    we know it today and for many years
    to come.

    Their banking gone, records gone, computers
    gone, land and cell phones gone, all autos,
    trucks dead.

    It will take the regime 2 or 3 years to reset
    the country, set up the electronics again.
    And for a few years that would absorb all
    their GNP.

    Then they could restart their N bomb program.

    The Green movement needs to get this regime
    under control to avoid a reset on the Iranian 

    Internet Anthropologist.




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