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    Wednesday, March 03, 2010

    Hows the GWOT goin? GOOD

    Pickin his nose.While the GREAT bomber tells his lies.

    . Hows the GWOT goin?

    Faloja: down
    Ansar: down
    Ma'ark: down
    Medad: down

    Seems like they would take down the Taliban websites and Forums,
    Just took down several main Taliban channels on youtube.

    Bajaur cleared of Taliban: Pakistani general

    Taliban confirm wanted terror leader Qari Zafar killed in US airstrike

    Read more:

    Al Qaeda-linked Chinese terrorist leader reported killed in US strike in Pakistan

    Read more:

    Fedayeen-i-Islam commander thought killed in US airstrike

    Senior al Qaeda military commander killed in Predator strike

    Read more:

    Jalaluddin Haqqani's son killed in North Waziristan strike: Report

    Read more:

    Taliban commander, 4 al Qaeda fighters killed in raid near Marja

    Read more:


    Killed in 2010:
    Mohammed Haqqani
    A mid-level Haqqani Network military commander and brother of the group's top military commander Siraj Haqqani,
    Date killed: February 18, 2010.

    Sheikh Mansoor
    An al Qaeda commander for the Shadow Army based in North Waziristan. He was the son of Ahmed Said Al Khadr.
    Date killed: February 17, 2010.

    Abdul Basit Usmanusman.jpg
    The US has a $1 million bounty on Abdul Basit Usman, an Abu Sayyaf master bomb maker, for conducting attacks that murdered civilians. Usman's death is unconfirmed, however.
    Date thought killed: January 14, 2010.

    Jamal Saeed Abdul Rahimrahim-thumb.JPG
    An Abu Nidal Organization operative who participated in killing 22 hostages during the 1986 hijacking of Pan Am flight 73.
    Date killed: January 9, 2010.

    Mansur al ShamiMansur-al-Shami-thumb.JPG
    An al Qaeda ideologue and aide to Mustafa Abu Yazid.
    Date killed: Exact date is not known, he was last seen on As Sahab on January 4, 2010.

    Haji Omar Khan
    A senior Taliban leader in North Waziristan.
    Date killed: January 1, 2010

    Operating in the heartland of the Pashtun Tribe.
    Bring it home to the Taliban.
    All because of the al Qaeda cult.
    #1 is Marjeh, Helmand, Afghanistan a US major push.
    #2 is N and S Waziristan, Paki Army major push.
    Time for a Joint Af-Pak Mil cross border force.

    And big Z's American Jewish Boytoy Adam Gadahn is lying
    out both sides of his mouth. He is lying to
    such an extant its a wonder his tongue doesn't
    turn black and fall out.

    I'm not going to list all the lies just to many.
    I'll address the main ones.

    The Taliban caught one of the Thousands of
    Muslim spies , this one was al Khorasani,
    and it took the Taliban 4 months to turn him
    from Allah's Spy against the Taliban to a
    "Taliban Martyr".

    The Taliban would kill him and his mother
    or he could turn into a "Taliban Suicide bomber"
    and he could make up his own story to cover
    up his getting caught as a Spy.

    This was during the period when the Taliban
    had him under arrest and he was unable to contact
    the Jordanian Intelligence for 4 months....

    With threats against Khorasani's mother they
    were able to convince him to die as a "Taliban
    Martyr", and create a cover story for all the 
    key Intel he gave Jordain and the CIA which
    lead to many al Qaeda cult and Taliban deaths.
    The boytoy Adam Gadahn tries to hide that.

    Which explains the Taliban confusion about the
    Suicide bomber and The Taliban  leaders disdain 

    al-Khorasani's self-serving account tries to cover up to 
    many lies and inconsistencies. 
    Going 4 months would just make the Intelligence agents
    search for him and wonder. The excuse he gives has
    the strength of moths wing.

    Taliban and the al Qaeda cult are hurting, real bad.

    Kill all the al Qaeda cult boys.





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