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    Monday, March 22, 2010

    Fort Mead kicks CIA ass.

    Fort Mead kicks CIA ass.

    Fort Mead takes down CIA
    terrorist hunny pot.

    Upsets Saudis and German Intelligence.
    Saudis are very good hackers,
    Germans are sloppy ( We have dealt with
    them, which we can't talk about for opsec reasons G )


    This problem points to the issues around
    a new Theater of operations.
    Who runs this dominion?

    And clarifies the issues, as I expected
    the Internet Operations are run piece

    And there is not even agreement on 
    basic paradigms.

    Intel collection or security.
    Collect intel and allow them to
    run an Info war operation or
    take them down and stop their

    Evan F. Kohlmann has some
    paradigm the CIA seems to be
    running on.

    And we think his hypothesis
    is in error.

    And this might explain why the
    terrorist are winning the Info War.

    No only is the USA failing to run a
    successful counter Info War operation
    they are allowing the Terrorist Info
    War operations to run unchecked.

    Who's the boss? 
    Who is setting the Paradigms?
    Whats the policy?
    And there are still no Rules of Engagement.

    But we did get a peek at the power
    and scope of US Internet Mussel.
    And its Awesome.

    If it comes to a cyber war, 
    USA will kick ASS.

    Internet Anthropologist
    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.
    My staff corrected me it may have been
    Ft. Huachuca that kicked CIA ass. G




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