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    Friday, February 26, 2010

    World's best and Dumbest Hackers

    World's best and Dumbest Hacker 
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    First run: Paradigm Intel:

    The hacking attacks against US defense and corporate secrets
    was successful.

    How? Metrics:

    Needed lot of confidence.
    Needed experience.
    Be certain they couldn't be traced 
    from experience.

    Needed to know what to look for and Where.
    Thats a big deal, expert in each industry.

    Needed experienced troops, and resources.
    Inside knowledge of the WWW.

    Good and professional security,
    keep their mouths shut.

    Paradigm points to Professional criminal
    hackers, with prior experience and successes.

    And economy and cash flows to monetize
    the data streams, across the board.

    RBN would be primary suspect for hackers.
    First sales would be to Russian FSB
    of US defense secrets. Then sold to China's

    Second major sales to few Russian Corporations,
    Cover provided by FSB.

    If its criminal or State, the question
    becomes how to monetize the corporate secrets information.

    China would be in the best position to monetize 
    the corporate data, and have the cash to actualize
    the Data stream, and 1 billion 400 million books
    size data base is a "Data Stream"

    Paradigm Intel indicates the operations hacking were 
    the former RBN and selling to China.
    Military info to China Government and
    Business intel to China Corporate.

    Google and Micro Soft are pumping dollars
    into an offensive cyber forces.

    Google put one together fairly fast
    ad hoc. Micro Soft is buying theirs
    and have not gone rouge, still using
    the Courts.

    A treaty would be useful in dealing
    with the end use of stolen technology
    on the WWW.

    The WWW by agreement have
    the capability to almost cut off
    any nation form the WWW,
    for a given time,
    by mutual agreement/treaty.
    As a form of punishment for
    abusing the WWW.

    And it might be interesting to see
    who opposes it.

    Russia just isn't in the position
    to capitalize on this cutting edge
    data stream, lack of capital and 
    high technology personnel.

    China has the cash to exploit the
    high tech data flow and implement
    the infrastructure needed to use it.
    And they have more high tech personnel
    than Russia. And huge population of
    English readers/speakers to translate
    the data base. Buts its still equal
    to 1 billion 400 million books...

    The RBN heist of US major corps
    PCs could mean huge cash flows
    from China to Russia.

    And would fit into their mutual 
    security agreements.

    They are very sure they can't be traced
    to the perps over the WWW.

    But prize its self may not be able to 
    be hidden, its use will be self apparent.

    Sate sponsored Industrial espionage faces the law of unintended consequences.

    How can you secretly dispose of your Booty?
    You have a herd of stolen elephants on your


    Even with 'Googles Guts' ; Badiu will never
    be a "Google" .
    Its a different species in the
    respective cultures.



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