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    Friday, February 12, 2010

    My Cyber attack on USA. Asterisk.

    U.S. To Be Hit By Massive Cyber Attack On Feb. 16. Asterisk.

    Shall we play a Game?

    On February 16, at about 10:00 am ET, the U.S. will be hit by a massive, crippling cyber attack from an unknown entity. Key players will convene in the White House situation room and plan the response, from mitigation to (possibly) retaliation. It'll be live on television 

    At least three times this year, the U.S. government has held private versions of cyber wargames. This will be open to the press. CNN has agreed to record the event for broadcast later in the week.

    Participants include John Negroponte, the first DNI, who will be the fictional Secretary of State. (Intel insiders will enjoy this role change.)  Ex-DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff will be the National Security Adviser. Fran Townsend, the former White House Homeland Security Adviser, will be the secretary of DHS.  Former CIA deputy director John McLaughlin will be the Director of National Intelligence.  Other big-name participants include Jamie Gorelick, Stewart Baker, Joe Lockhart and Bennet Johnson.
    The Bipartisan Policy Center, which has ported over the 9/11 Commission co-chairs, Lee Hamilton and Tom Keane, is coordinating the event.


    Can I play?
    The hacker anthropologist.

    My Cyber attack on USA.
    Well the attack is on the WORLD:
    Wana play?

    Attack on the Internet Nodes in a attempt to bring
    down the WWW and keep it down.

    I'd use conflicker, Bot net.
    attacks to targeted http or application based attacks,
    They sidestep firewalls, DDOS mitigation boxes, IDS services and so on.
    use https to sidestep built in DDoS and IPS systems, and relatively low bandwidth - sub 50Mb

    Back that up with SpyEye, a month pre-attack, to try and steal PW and read pop email.
    use "DHS ruse reports" to penetrate. Use PW to try and lock out admin,
    and give conflicting orders, and reverse standing orders.

    Start with fire hose focus all of conflicker on one node, 
    and switch to others as soon as one goes down.

    I think there are only 13 nodes. 
    Take them down, give them more hose if they come back up,
    Traffic will build to "fail level" as blocked loads switches to non-node connections.
    If I know the Geo locations of my bots I can plan auto attacks.
    As the net goes down so do my bots, as the internet comes back up
    so do my bots, As bring up a node so do my bots come back on line 
    to attack the node to take it back down. Auto burn.....

    Shut down the WWW and All military nets would go down.
    have to switch to narrow band width satellites
    to try and keep min. comm open.

    This should bring down CABLE, and the
    Emergency Broadcast system, Banking,
    Cell phones, EVERYTHING....
    Only things left would Short Wave,
    and CB radio.

    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.

    Cyber Over Watch.




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