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    Monday, January 25, 2010

    Sanctions equal bitch slaps

    The Nuclear Proliferation treaty.
    Does it work?
    Do sanctions work?

    As an anthropologist we try and report
    what the culture does and is, at least thats a
    big part of anthropology.

    Sometimes the hard part is listening.
    And by that I mean running the listening
    or 'their' text against the actions.

    Speech and verbage is so ingrained and
    hard wired into our brains, humans will
    fuction on what they are 'told' and ignore
    what they see.

    I just caught a big semiotic error.


    Paradigm Intel no longer supports an attack on Iran's
    nuclear materials.

    All their nuke stockpiles are worthless to them, they
    are contaminated, and if they continue to try and
    enrich their materials they will DESTROY their centrifuges.
    The regime is back to square one.

    Will sanctions work?
    YES for exactly what they were meant for.
    A sanction is a bitch slap in public.
    Sanctions are not meant to stop proliferation.

    Sanctions are only one tool.
    USA is the worlds policeman.
    When they act everyone complains.
    When they don't act they are blamed. ( the genocide in Africa, Carter did nothing.
    I can't think of the name of the country, now, about 500,000 died. G )
    Or are blamed for being to slow, Haiti.
    Everybody complains but THEY want USA in there.

    And USA does a fair job as Police.
    Thats why China and Russia and India buy their
    bonds, and float the US debt.
    Its payment for policing and keeping the world economys
    out of a real war.
    The American Congress let the American Banks rape
    other countries with the sub-prime paper debacle.
    And thats not reason to start a terrorist war,
    its a waste, and they aren't going to win.
    Its a reason to go to Court ans SUE the hell out them.
    Get your money back, and damages.
    Bin Landen is a dumbass.

    No other country could go after the Bin Laden Cult, like
    the USA has. There is no doubt Bin Laden will be killed.

    And USA has been bitch slapping Iran regime in public with
    sanctions. And there isn't a damn thing Iran regime can do about it.

    The Nuclear Proliferation treaty didn't used to work, India, Pakistain

    But the last two countries that have tried to develop nukes have suffered
    N Korea, doesn't even have elect at night in any of the country except
    the capital.
    Their people are starving, and China privately slaps them when they
    get too far of hand. Its one of the poorest economys in the World.

    And Iran has wasted billions on its nuclear program just to find out
    its all contaminated.

    Inflation is out of control in Iran, and the people are rebelling against
    the regime.

    Iran has lost hundreds of Billions from sanctions, loss of trade,
    economy it a tail spin and Abberjonny as President an Iranian embarrassment.

    Two good examples of why not to develop a nuke.

    To be sure IF Iran gets too close USA will take it out.

    Saddam fought Iran for 7 years to a stand still.
    USA beat Saddam in 100 hours.

    If US military is ordered to take out Iran's military they will do so
    in close to 100 hours,

    And it will be with the secret support of Russia and China.

    The Iranian regime's pursuit of a nuke will bring it down.

    What USA is working on selling:
    A fast strike force that can take out an entire army in short order,
    or hunt a terrorist for 8+ years without rest.
    And they are developing methods to fast connect the "Gap to the Core",
    to prevent terrorism, and Russia and China are big supporters.

    Iran is well in hand, they give up Nukes till the world learns to trust
    them or the Ummah will throw the regime out.

    Iranian regime is still trying to ignore this paradigm,
    and they do so at their own mortality.

    ad Magnum




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