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    Monday, January 04, 2010

    Iran regime messing w Internet

    From our sources inside Iran:

    Usually when they block access to the Internet:
    This message is displayed:
    in farsi " in site tavasote mokhaberat masdod misbashad" this "site is blocked by the Communications system"

    How long does it take a web page to display?
    he says " mazimum 16 kb in sec : recieves bundels ( Packets. G )

    What sites can they reach?
    He cant reach FB and twitter.

    "The ususal filters are still on, so Bad words are still filterd but as u c , FB and twitter also"

    How can u open wayfor them to FB and twitter ?

    Cell phones working? "not inside and most times between towns are not working."

    "They cannot open or use normal anti filters to get into FB or twitter anymore
    normal ones such as :
    does not work anymore for these places.
    It seems that the gov sends much traffic on tot these ones as to crash them each time and specially in protest days ."

    Check back we will have more Intel.





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