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    Monday, January 04, 2010

    In Honor of the Secret Mujaheddin Martyrs.

    Blessed be Secret Mujaheddin Martyrs.

    We have discovered a list of the
    REAL Islamic Muhaheddin Martyrs.
    The list is around 400 Martyrs.

    The list does not contain names of
    them all but includes a News notice
    of their Martyrdom.

    "Innaa lillaahi maa akhathaa wa lillaahi maa A'taa, wa kullu shay-in 'indahoo li ajalin musammaa."

    To these humble Jihads eternal life is to come, and we pray for God's mercy to be with the departed, in hopes that they may find peace and happiness in the life to come.

    I'm confident their last words were "Laa ilaaha illa-Allah: I bear witness that there is no god but Allah."

    In many cases they were buried in the clothes they died in.
    In honor of these Mujaheddin we can all say our own salat-l-janazah.
    Just take a moment at your computer now to say salat-l-janazah.

    May Allah accept the burial condition of these holy Martrs regardless
    if they were buried on their side facing Mecca or not.

    Sometimes in war things are difficult and beyond one's desires.
    humbly we remember Allah and His mercy, and pray for the deceased Martyrs.

    In thier honor I will not wear a tie of jewelry for 3 days.

    "The eyes shed tears and the heart is grieved, but we will not say anything except which pleases our Lord." 

    These Martyrs charity given during their life which continues to help others, knowledge from which people continue to benefit, and a righteous child who prays for him or her continues to benifit
    these brave Mujaheddin.

    As noble it is to die in battle—that is, to die at the enemy’s hands in a just cause—so has it been considered shameful to willfully take one’s own life.

    Shahadat, martyrdom is identified the exemplary ethical model of moral action in a show of struggle (jihad) for the sacred, manifested in the ultimate act of self-sacrifice.

    The (male) martyr or shahidencountered the sacred by fighting against the enemies of the true religion; and in the process giving up his life in exchange for a higher, celestial existence. In this regard, it was not merely the event of death that identified martyrdom, but the very fulfillment of the duty of obedience to the will of God that brought one to the level of sacred.

    They are in Paradise, where "beautiful mansions" and "maidens" await the martyr heroes.

    The list of the Brave, HOLY martyred  Mujaheddin 400+.


    Afghanistan's Secret Mujaheddin




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