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    Monday, January 25, 2010

    al Qaeda is a Cult

    The al Qaeda CULT

    In the book Jihad and Sacred Vengeance: Psychological Undercurrents of Historypsychiatrist Peter A. Olsson compares Osama bin Laden to other religious leaders including Jim JonesDavid KoreshShoko AsaharaMarshall ApplewhiteLuc Jouret andJoseph Di Mambro, in a section of the book called: "The Psychology of Destructive Cult Leaders".[18] Olsson asserts that each of these individuals fit at least eight of the nine criteria forNarcissistic Personality Disorder.[18] Olsson goes into some of these issues in more depth in his work Malignant Pied Pipers of Our Time: A Psychological Study of Destructive Cult Leaders from Rev. Jim Jones to Osama bin Laden.[19] In the book Seeking the Compassionate Life: The Moral Crisis for Psychotherapy and Society authors Goldberg and Crespo also refer to Osama bin Laden as a "destructive cult leader."[20]
    At a 2002 meeting of the American Psychological Association (APA), Steven Hassan asserted that Al Qaeda fulfills the characteristics of a destructive cult.[21] Panelists at the convention asked the APA to investigate mind control among destructive cults.

    David Koresh, Osama Bin Laden, Jim Jones all the SAME.

    Binny is to Islam , what Koresh is to Christianity.
    From here on we will be refering to "al Qaeda" as
    the "al Qaeda Cult."





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