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    Saturday, December 26, 2009

    PFC Bergdahl, Guest prisoner.

    PFC Bergdahl, Guest prisoner.

    The Taliban released a new video of PFC Bergdahl.

    The video is good news for his parents, as the contents
    suggest the Taliban have found good use for a LIVE POW.
    A possible replacement for the American Jew Adam Ghadam,
    which Muslims don't believe.

    But we know the Taliban have no honor, so their word cannot
    be trusted.

    Bergdahl was captured by a offer of hospitality from

    some locals that turned out to be Taliban, and the Hospitality
    was false, a lie a method to lure him to his capture.
    As trust in the offer of Afghan hospitality the trooper,
    Pfc. left behind his body armor, web gear, and weapon,
    dressed as a local and went with them in a humvee,
    parking it near the village.

    Of course the Afghan Taliban hospitality offer was with
    out honor as it was a trap. And the Guest was taken prisoner.
    The Taliban have no honor.

    At first they shaved his head and forced him to grow a beard.
    In the time of the Spanish Inquisition they practiced something
    called the showing of the Instruments, where they would show
    the victim the instruments of torture.
    Of course the Taliban have shown the instruments of torture
    publicly in their videos, beheadings, cutting out tongues, even
    a video of a 12 yr old boy beheading a man.
    The Taliban have no Honor.

    So even before the PFC was captured he knew what awaited
    him if captured, beheading like they have done so many times
    in so many disgusting videos.

    Bergdahl's Stockholm syndrome conditioning started with
    the Taliban beheading videos and has proceeded with his treatment
    from the Taliban, he has fully identified with the captors as a method
    of self preservation.

    Part of the new video is the Taliban's religious indoctrination for
    its own troops as to why this POW was not to be killed as it was
    against the precepts of Islam.

    We remember Polish man beheaded because of conflict with in the Taliban.
    His beheading was do to conflicts within the Taliban, they seem to be
    preempting this kind of screw up again.

    Its interesting how the Taliban follow Islam only when it suits their
    needs, as they are responsible for 400 + tribal leaders murdered
    for disagreeing with Taliban.
    Al Qaeda and the Taliban have killed more Muslims than
    killed Americans.

    Al Qaeda and the Taliban are waging a war against Islam
    in support of Bin Ladens personality cult.

    Taliban beheading , cutting tongues. out blowing up Mosques
    even funeral processions and the Taliban killing Muslim women
    and children in their market places bombings. All against Islam.

    And the Taliban's new BIG LIE, trying to blame America and
    Blackwater for the children the Taliban themselves kill.
    The Taliban have NO HONOR.

    The PFC was Not water boarded, dog bites but
    the Taliban are holding their GUEST prisoner and have beheaded
    others in same position.

    "Treated him as a Guest" but subject to beheading at any time.

    PFC is not responsible for any statements he makes, the statements
    are from a GUEST the Taliban are holding prisoner under threat of death,
    even if its unsaid, it is understood by the PFC.
    May Allah be with him during his time with the Taliban, Satans hand in
    Afghanistan.Taliban, Men without honor..

    Videos :
    This was his first video 5 months ago.

    This was his first video 5 months ago.
    He was worried about the beheading part
    here. I took them 5 months to bring him
    to the state you see below.







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