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    Monday, December 28, 2009

    The new Shah, and SAVAK

    The new Shah, and SAVAK

    Iran's new Shah Khamenei

    This makes Khamenei the new Shah,
    and the IRCG the new SAVAK (secret police).

    TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei cannot be removed from his post because his legitimacy comes from God, an official close to Iran's most powerful figure was reported Friday as saying.
    But is he legitimate?

    Khamenei is NOT Taghlid, FRAUD
    Khamenei is not really a "Taghlid" Imam, Meaning that he is not officially qualified to be a religious leader as a fact but since, the policial landscaped at the time of his appointment was not stable they chose to act quickly and put him in charge.

    26 Relgious Leaders in the world qualified to challenge him.


    Below: Excerpted from Juan Cole is President of the Global Americana Institute.

    The most ominous sign of all for the regime is the reports of security men refusing orders to fire into the crowd.

    Farnaz Fassihi of the WSJ points out that the first month of the Muslim lunar calendar, Muharram, has been considered a month for truces and non-violence. The very name of the month means 'sanctified.' Even the brutal troops of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the shah or king overthrown in 1979, had not fired on crowds during Muharram. Opposition leader Mehdi Karroubi openly said that even the shah's regime had not behaved on Muharram as clerical Leader Ali Khamenei's had. Hint: in revolutionary Iran, that is a slam.

    The killing of Ali Mousavi, the 34-year-old nephew of former presidential candidate Mir Husain Mousavi, was also a violation of Shiite values. The Mousavis are putative descendants of the Prophet Muhammad, a sort of caste in Muslim societies called 'sayyid' or 'sharif.'

    In fact, in the Constitutional Revolution of 1905-1911, one of the complaints of the crowd was that the Qajar monarchy had had sayyids beaten. So if beating a scion of the House of the Prophet can help spark a revolution, what about shooting one? And, oppositional film maker Mohsen Makhmalbaf maintains that Mousavi was killed by a death squad that came for him in a van rather than just falling victim to random police fire.

    Killing a sayyid is a blot on any Iranian government. Doing so on Ashura, the day of morning for the martyred grandson of the Prophet, Imam Husayn, borders on insanity.



    According to the opposition Javan Farda news site, Mohammad Taheri, who is married to one of the granddaughters of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, was arrested. It suggests a rift within the clerical establishment: Taheri is the son of a prominent imam who tried to hold a memorial service in Isfahan for Ayatollah Montazeri; security forces banned the ceremony and dispersed demonstrators outside the mosque where it was supposed to be held. SOURCE:

    Geeze I couldn't think of any thing more they could do wrong,

    Its like the regime is bent on self destruction.

    What are they going to do next? Abduct the body of
    Ali Mousavi? To prevent his burial.




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