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    Sunday, December 27, 2009

    Iran shooting protesters in groin

    Iran regime taken to shooting protesters in groin.
    Regime desperate,here video of protesters rescue
    two from hanging.

     At 4:07 in video below.



    From a source proved reliable in the past.
    Our contact with the prosters has reported this building
    is "photos of a supposedly torture centre in the middle of Tehran. This place is clandestine and as the note has said has not yet been revealed."

     "The note says at the moment  tens of youth are being tortured and wounded under grounds of this building

    the Address of the building is :

    Further down from 25 Shahrivar Square"
    As this regime gets closer to downfall more of this kind of info is expected.
    The address they have given is very straight forwards and for anyone in Iran , it is a known building. The 7 Tir Swuare is a famous gathering point for protestors. They say this building is further down from that square."

    "The Partisans who have gathered the info claim that with these cameras they could have well filmed much of the activities of certain activists and main organisers of the past protests who are missing right now.
    They also say that the angle of the cameras to the Square match of the same angle of films that have been taken and showed in state TV.
    At nights there are patrols in the adjacent streets to the building keeping a close watch on it.
    They estimate that the place can keep up to 300 prisoners under its ground under torture without people on the surface knowing
    They have traced the underground tunnels of the metro and found out that the distance between 7 Tir and the next Metro -which are the main stops for protests- are linked with smaller tunnels newly built. which they think also lead to this building and link to other buildings as such."

    We have not been able to indepently confirm this data
    but are reporting it as is. We have teams working this.


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