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    Sunday, December 20, 2009

    Bin Laden is a legit Bastard:

    Bin Laden is a legit Bastard:
    Unmarried mother: He was born out of wedlock.

    UBL's father, Mohammed bin Laden (1908 – 09/03/67), arrived in Latakia, Syria, 1956, on business.  He may have married A'alia Ghanem (born 1934, Shia Alawite tribe, 2 brothers, 1 sister) as his 10th of 22 wives.  They had one son, Osama (UBL), born Riyadh, KSA, 03/10/57.  UBL was Mohammed’s 17th of 24 sons and 31 daughters.  UBL and his mother moved to Medina 6 months later and continued to live together in the Hejaz area of western KSA until she remarried.  Then UBL lived in his father’s palace.
    UBL has stated that it was "not a Koranic union", that A'alia was only Mohammed’s maid and concubine and that they were never married (she was referred to by the other wives as “the slave”). 
    Note: UBL and his father never had more than four wives at once, in line with Sharia law.  The others were divorced to make room in their harems for new wives, or were simply child-bearing concubines.

    THEY called her 'slave' to make the bastards birth not a crime for his father under Sharia law.



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