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    Friday, November 13, 2009

    Self Brainwashed with jahiddie LIES.

    Self Brainwashed with jahiddie LIES.

    "I don't fear the lies of the Terrorists
    I fear not answering those lies."

    Maj. Malik Nidal Hasan was self indoctrinated,
    his conversion to radical violent Islam was a slow process
    of conversations, readings and videos.

    To be fair to Intelligence agencys there just didn't seem
    the evidence to peg him as a threat.

    Its like the car accident you were in, if you'd been going
    slower, took a different route, done something differently,
    But absent the prescient powers we fall on Monday
    Of course looking back after the attack there are all kinds of warning signs we see as WE know the outcome.

    But taking each in turn, they give very little reason
    for concern, he mostly stated what the views of an
    extremist are, he doesn't own them, never says
    any thing to indicate he is a threat.

    Now I've heard people say 'they' heard him say things
    that they were concerned about but no indication
    they reported it to any Intelligence agency.

    And the Intelligence agencys have some culpability for that.
    CIA form doesn't seem to even work, and the other agencys
    won't even acknowledge receipt of the info.

    At times for even us its like " did anybody even read it"
    no response nothing, others are quite different.
    From what I've seen.
    His power point:

    If you read that and say a terrorist wrote it, one can see lots
    of reasons for concern, but if you read it an say a US Army
    Major wrote it, then its a different spin, he is just educating
    the reader.

    Context informs content.

    And the context before the shootings is
    changed after the shootings.

    He stuck me as a insecure Muslim and confused
    about his ultimate responsibility.

    So he sought out instruction.
    In his Mosque and on the Internet.

    Our sources indicate he viewed videos on the
    internet some form Youtube.
    We have not been able to conform this yet.

    aulaqi.jpgThe NEFA Foundation has obtained a copy of an English-language online blog post from just this past summer by Shaykh Anwar al-Awlaki -- the Yemeni cleric suspected of influencing Ft. Hood shooter Maj. Malik Hasan -- titled, "Fighting Against Government Armies in the Muslim World."

    In his message, dated July 14, 2009, al-Awlaki openly admonished his supporters, "there can be no Islam with the presence of these armies... These armies are the defenders of apostasy in the Muslim world. They fight against Sharia and kill the Muslims who attempt to bring it back. They are fighting on behalf of America against the mujahideen in Pakistan, Somalia and the Maghrib. If this is the case with these armieshow could anyone place the blame on the ones who fight them, accusing them of fighting against Muslims?! What kind of twisted fiqh is this? The blame should be placed on the soldier who is willing to follow orders whether the order is to kill Muslims as in Swat, bomb Masjids as with the Red Masjid, or kill women and children as they do in Somalia... Blessed are those who fight against them and blessed are those shuhada [martyrs] who are killed by them."

    A complete copy of Anwar al-Awlaki's manifesto urging Muslims to "fight against government armies" can be downloaded from the NEFA Foundation website.

    The Internet abounds with terrorist jahiddie videos on
    thousands of sites.

    Where are the thousands of videos condemning al Qaeda,
    and guiding Muslims in the right path?

    And Youtube is the major purveyor of these jahiddie

    Shaykh Anwar al-Awlaki the cleric accused influencing the Major and some of the 911 perps, has over 7,180 videos on Youtube.

    StarCMC has a good post on Youtube's culpability.


    YouTube: A terrorist’s friend

    Ignorance is not bliss. We have learned that members of the mosque attended by Nidal Hasan are
    telling the media that they “
    have no pity” on the people murdered and wounded by Hasan, and we are
    finding out that Hasan
    was listed as a participant in a Homeland Security Policy Institute’s presidential transition task force last year
    . Now we are finding out that Hasan worshipped under the same radical Yemini imam as 3 of the 9-11 terrorists. We cannot afford to ignore what is going on in the Muslim world.

    There are those who do not understand what I have meant when I have told you that YouTube is supporting, aiding and abetting our enemy. There are those who think I am overstating that.
    Please let me show you what I mean, and why we need to hold YouTube’s feet to the
    fire for as long as it takes to get them to take responsibility for what they are doing.

    According to an article at the terrorists use YouTube to host their videos so that they don’t have to pay for the bandwidth. In other words, using YouTube’s free services, based in the
    United States, enables the terrorists to continue broadcasting their propaganda at no cost. How convenient!

    I know you’ve seen videos at YouTube and the hirabist sympathizers who post their “Allah Akhbar!” comments there. But what I want you to see is how these videos are then used in terrorist forums. I
    am only going to use one example, but there are many, many more.

    The site we’re going to look at is It is a forum for Mujahideen, and Jihad & Reform front, and others. Here are 3 screen caps of the home page:

    If you wish to view the site yourself, click here — this is an anonymized (so they can’t see your ip address) translated (from Arabic to English) link.

    On a specific

    at al boroq. com (again, this link is anonymized and translated) you
    can see that there was a poster who shared multiple videos at YouTube.

    Most of those videos have now been removed due to Terms of Use violations, but one is still live at YouTube.

    The title of this video is Appeal to the Ansar al-Islam to unite with the Islamic State of Iraq. Ansar
    was designated a terrorist organization in 2004, and the Islamic State of Iraq is
    an umbrella organization of a number of Iraqi insurgent groups established on October 15, 2006. While the video
    itself just appears to be an imam talking to muslims, when you understand what he’s appealing to them to do, it becomes quite chilling. Oh – and the little symbol in the lower left of the video?
    That’s As-Sahab, the media production house of al Qaeda.

    For grins, I ran a google search for “” at the site, and look what it yielded — LOTS of youtube videos. (If you click the links to look for yourself, you might want to click the
    cached version or use a proxy so that you are not exposing your ip
    address to them. I would also caution NOT to download items
    from terrorist sites as they may have viruses.)

    YouTubes terms of service state, in part:

    While it might not seem fair to say you can’t show something because of what viewers theoretically might do in response, we draw the line at content that’s intended to incite violence or encourage dangerous, illegal activities that have an inherent risk of serious physical harm or death. This means not posting videos on things like instructional bomb making, ninja assassin training, sniper attacks, videos that train terrorists, or tips on illegal street racing. Any depictions like these should be educational or documentary and shouldn’t be designed to help or encourage others to imitate them.

    Yet in blantant violation of their own TOS, and in defiance of Executive Orders, they continue to provide free video hosting services to known terrorist organizations and their followers. This while our soldiers and sailors and airmen and marines have boots on the ground. YouTube is committing treason, and choosing to ignore this will only result in greater encouragement for more terrorist attacks against our citizens.



    Other sources of jahiddie vids can be dealt with.

    But YOUTUBE needs to clean up as the source for
    jahiddie videos.



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