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    Sunday, November 08, 2009

    Islam at risk if Regime gets N bomb

    Islam at risk if Regime gets N bomb
    Russia's high risk paradigm with Iran.
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    Russia is forgetting its history ,
    The non-aggression treaty with Hitler.

    Signed a few months before Hitler
    invaded Europe.

    After defeating most of Europe,
    Hitler, then invaded Russia with
    400,000 German troops.

    Russia is playing the same game,
    paradigm with Iran but this time
    its Nukes.

    Now Iran has no 'gun' and are inviloved
    in International 'shoplifting', exporting

    Paradigm Intel indicates if this Iranian
    regime gets a 'gun', a nuke, they are
    moving towards 'murder'.

    And the group most at risk is Islam,

    If this regime gets a nuke the world
    is looking at nuclear proliferation
    in the Middle East.

    Iran selling N weapons to Syria, Iraq,
    etc, whom will QODs sell them to?

    Will al Qaeda end up with a country
    willing to provide them a nuclear
    protection umbrella for their terrorist
    attacks on the world?

    And other Middle East countries
    developing their own Nuke programs
    as a deterrence to Iran's to Irans nuclear

    Islam in some ways is like a dysfunctional family.
    branches of it, Bombing Mosques, Market Places,
    killing women and children. And the 13th Iman
    paradigm of bringing on the Apocalypse.
    Suicide bombing, And the split between the
    Shia and Sunnies. And the threat to bring
    Islam to the rest of the world through violence
    and the establishment of an Islamic caliphate
    run by terrorists..
    And the movements back to the cultures of the
    1700's in Afpak.
    And now mix in a criminal. terrorist regime
    with nukes.

    Muslims are at major risk to this regime if
    they get a nuke.

    And Russia can be sure the Chechens
    will be seeking a connection to this nuke
    technology also.

    A State Nuclear suicide attack by a rogue state
    in the Middle East has been estimated to kill
    10 million Muslims.

    See Iran will push the button.

    Internet Anthropologist


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