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    Sunday, October 18, 2009

    Toothless Iran

    Toothless Iran:

    Iran has no nukes, no possibility of nukes for at least a year
    away, 4% to 20% before even a crude nuke.
    Iran epic Nuke fail...

    After all of Iran bluster and subterfuge somebody decided
    to punch them, bring some of the terrorism they have
    been exporting back to Iran.
    See if Abberjonny like the taste of his own?


    Two of the seven officers killed Sunday when the bomb detonated his vest were Revolutionary Guards generals, the deputy commander of the elite Revolutionary Guards Gen. Nur-Ali Shushtari, and Gen. Mohammad-Zadeh, chief IRGC commander of the province.

    Their loss has hit the regime in Tehran hard. DEBKAfile's Iranian and counter terror sources identify Gen. Shuhstari's as covert commander of the Al Qods Brigades' secret bases abroad, in such places as Iran and Afghanistan as well as Lebanon and the Gaza Strip where they support Hizballah in Lebanon and the Palestinian respectively. Al Qods is the IRGC 's terrorist arm outside Iran.



    This maybe a new paradigm working to break Iran.
    Wonder if Iran's IEDs they have been exporting to
    Afghan will make their way back to Iran. Yum Yum.


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