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    Tuesday, October 20, 2009

    Mehsud tribes; PEACEFUL ?

    Bet you thought Paki's were going after the Taliban?

    General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani
    General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani clarified on Monday that the objective of the operation in South Waziristan is not to target peace and country loving people of Mehsud tribes, instead the aim is to eliminate Uzbek, local and foreign terrorists.

    In a message addressed to Mehsud tribes, the COAS said he admits that the tribes in question including the Mehsud tribes are loyal to Pakistan. “The tribes have always served as Pakistani troops without remuneration,” he added.

    He said the objective of the military operation in South Waziristan is to pull the Mehsud tribes from the clutches of terrorists elements and provide an opportunity to the Mehsud tribes to live in their area in peace.

    A surge of terrorist attacks in the country has led Pakistan to begin military operations in the South Waziristan, a place increasingly identified as a launchpad for the terrorists attacks throughout the country.

    However, concerns remain whether Pakistan Army is ready for another major operation code named Rah-e-Nijat after a successful operation in the Swat valley (Rah-e-Rast) only a few months ago.

    From Paki forum...


    Aren't the Mehsud tribes central to the Terrorist?

    Mehsud, I've heard that name some were before.


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