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    Sunday, October 11, 2009

    Islamic hackers forum, poof

    Islamic hackers forum, taken down.

    thank you Ghost of Iraq.

    "اذا واجهت مشكله فى تسجيل دخول قم بعمل استعاده لكلمه المرور
    If you have trouble logging on, do the restoration for the password
    We are not responsible for any hacked to other sites and we do not responsible for any hack to your site , but in this site we are learning protection And there were people Awful put the name of our site in hacked other sites,We are not responsible this hack"

    gOOD Idea to clean up those responsible, then...
    ("G705T H4CK3r" has been removed..
    he has been deleted from 3 forums so far.)
    or you could loose it permanent.

    One Sentry squad on patrol,
    one combat squad in reserve.

    Intelligence Anthropologist



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