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    Sunday, October 25, 2009

    Experian can't stop ID theft: NOT

    Experian can't stop ID theft: NOT
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    They are one of the big three credit
    collecting and reporting agencys in the world.

    Experian can't stop ID theft:
    They can for $100 dollars a year though.

    They viewed emailing you and me about
    activity with our ID's as too expensive to
    bother with, and could not protect us from
    ID theft. They just didn't stop it.

    Then they sued another company for using
    your and my data, and their system to protect
    the public from ID theft.

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Experian, aids and abets ID theft.

    Now they decided they would protect the
    public from ID theft, for $100 for each man,
    woman and chlld in the USA, $100 every year,
    USA population 304,059,724 - Jul 2008
    Thats $ 304,059,724,000 in income, yearly.
    $304 Billion dollars, For them to notify
    you of ID theft activities.
    If you don't pay then your a victim of ID theft.
    ID theft now adds directly to their bottom

    For years and decades they let ID theft flourish.
    Did NOT do a damn thing.
    They had in place the system to protect Americans,
    ID's and didn't use it.
    They can notify you when some one steals
    your ID and gets a mortgage in your name,
    in another state; for example.
    An automated email system would
    protect Americans, emailing out
    activity about your account.

    A different Company saw they could protect
    Americans and Experian sued them.

    Exparian is unconscionable and with out
    regard for it's fiduciary responsibility
    to its clients, Americans, whose data
    they make billions $.

    They even offer a $1 million product guarantee on the
    Id theft system.

    For years they have had this capability
    and ignored their responsibility to protect

    Not to mention their ability to cut terrorism
    funding by stoping ID theft.

    This ID protection should be free to
    every client they collect info about.
    They make billions off our data,
    and exhibit total disregard for any
    protection for their clients.


    Clearing up confusion on credit scores

    San Francisco Chronicle - Kathleen Pender - ‎Oct 21, 2009‎
    Experian: Experian does not sell FICO scores to consumers, only to lenders.

    On a related issue, the FTC is also dealing with the confusion that arises when consumers land on commercial sites offering "free credit reports," such as, which is operated by Experian. The Credit Card Act of 2009 requires the FTC to issue a rule by Feb. 22 to prevent deceptive marketing of such sites.

    I've sent many readers to, the Web site the government required credit bureaus Experian, TransUnion and Equifax to establish to receive free credit report requests.

    But the really annoying problem that consumers ran into in the beginning – the credit bureaus' sales pitches – hasn't gone away, leading the Federal Trade Commission to propose changes in the laws governing free credit reports.

    TransUnion spokesman Steve Katz said the company "supports the FTC's efforts to protect the interests of U.S. consumers who are misled by deceptive practices."

    The government needs to fix this and fix it fast. Monitoring your creditworthiness has become too important these days, and consumers shouldn't be distracted by this confusion.



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