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    Tuesday, September 01, 2009

    Frustrations of our Cyber warriors.

    Frustrations of our Cyber warriors.
    Company C, cyber war efforts.
    By Gerald, Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    There have been numerous articles about cyber war
    in the Press recently.

    These are just the head lines for the Overt Cyber War.
    The covert war is secret. And dominated by NSA.

    The civilian corps face different problems and frustrations.
    ( Avg. age of our cyber troops is 40 yrs old. )

    I'm speaking as commander of our Cyber Battalion.

    And some of the frustrations for the cyber theater are the same
    as the physical theater.

    Hurry up and wait.
    Mushroom paradigm, keep them in the dark and covered
    for Opsec reasons.

    Our civilian troops are dedicated, hard workers, and give
    generously of their time and skills.

    Cyber Warfare covers a huge theater and many arenas,
    Recon, surveillance, moles, spies, traps, copying web sites,
    research, paradigm Intel, many kinds of operations, psyops,
    Info War, Tracking and tracing bad guys, deploying Bot Surveillance
    Units, and some times just digging, digging and more digging.

    Capabilities encompass many scenarios.
    To target a network of PC someone might use Cyber sniper squads.
    With the capability to kill but also maybe only disable a PC for
    a short time. The snipers objective is to remove targets
    form Internet Connection for specific time frames, maybe just 5 min.
    maybe to kill the PC take it out for days, or permanently..

    Al Qaeda and Tailban Internet com is very difficult to trace and track.
    For their own productions they use a media center connected via
    cable or satellite.
    They use Internet cafes for correspondence.
    Most use Pakistan's information infrastructure as their own. On the
    Western side, near Herat, they use Iran.
    Alternatively they hack satellites.
    Software allows them to locate a Satellite, then intercept inbound and
    outbound transmissions. It's possible to ride packets on outbound.
    And make their own version of these to hit internet cafes:

    The effort to circumvent them is ongoing and successful.

    We have a heavy Cyber Weapons squad, OSINT Teams,
    moles/spies, Cyber pirates, Recon teams, Internal affairs,
    Cyber Security teams, Classified Companies, G2 division,
    a cyber war college, watch officer, admin section etc.

    Most cyber battles have been anonymous. covert and
    cloaked and only in self defense.

    We have run security for some very impressive organizations.

    And exposed many Moles and operations.

    The war includes research, recon, OSINT , signit, paradigm Intel,
    BSU's, surveillance, moles, etc.

    Their is a great effort expended to gain the info needed and
    to turn data into Intel. And can be frustrating.

    Setting a trap, involves waiting, watching some
    times for days or months even.

    Testing suspects, recruiting, turning others, all
    that takes time and dedication.

    And have contacts at FBI, CIA, NSA, DHS, Pentagon, Police
    Agencys world wide, Dept of State and host of other alphabet groups which
    we report relevant Intel to.

    We surveiled and copied around 750 terrorist web sites,
    during one operation. And the operation objectives changed mid-operation, resulting
    in the cancellation of the operation which was almost finished.
    Shortly later over 1,000 terrorist web sites were taken down, resulting
    in the loss of over 10,000,000 terrorist web pages.
    The troops went at it at Flank speed some almost around the clock.
    Many troops made many sacrifices to work so hard for so long.
    And Bang its canceled. We had no way to for see this development
    and it hurt morale. But couldn't be avoided.

    Another operation was to alert Americas to the fatal risks
    associated with visits to Mexico.
    In the middle of the operation the State Department issued
    a travel warning alerting the public to the risk.
    Which met our objective.
    And this operation was canceled.

    The men and women work very hard but sometimes
    the work cn be disppointing.

    G2 officers are always in short supply.
    And good ones are burned up and out from
    the demand and emergencies.
    About half their work product ever sees the
    light of day..

    Moles are under considerable pressure also.
    The stress is tremendous, and some burn out
    from fear and taking big risks.
    At some point they will run into a group they
    fear. And just blink out..But there are others to
    step in and take their place.
    Vetting is hard and the mole school is difficult.

    We had a massive operation for the US troopers
    who's fingers were cut off, we just couldn't get enough
    traction fast enough before they were killed.
    We were running at flank speed, massive amount
    of our civilian troop hours were consumed.
    And upon the death of those brave American
    troops the operation was also killed.

    We have recon operations going on 24/7
    And if we get a hot hit, we pull in troopers
    as needed, that means the troopers have to
    give some of their personal time to work on the
    And its frustrating to spend 10 hrs on an op
    just to discover its a dead end.
    But the Troops perceiver and struggle on..

    And as a trooper you never see the big picture
    until its posted and you may not even recognize
    your part in the operation.
    And some ops are secret and never get posted
    just reported to the Feds.

    Some times its like building the Great wall of China
    and you made 3 of the bricks, and you may never
    know where they were used.

    For me the IMPORTANT part is keeping quiet.
    Some GREAT stories, operations,
    Fantastic Paradigm Intel, but can't
    post any of it for Opsec reasons,
    protecting sources, methods and
    Intel, which is reported to the Feds.

    Some of our work will remain secret
    forever. And its very hard ( to PUSH THE BUTTON )
    and permently erase
    ( To DOD 5220.22-M STANDARDS )
    those files. No one will ever know.

    And I salute all our civilian cyber troops
    for all their hard work and efforts in this
    war on terrorism.

    The Glory is attributed to our
    hard working cyber troops
    and those I've burned out.

    They have made all of this possible
    and the effort couldn't be a success
    without them, every one of them.

    I am privileged to command them
    and be a conduit for their Intel
    efforts. I'm working for some
    of the Best Cyber troops in the
    world, whom will remain nameless
    forever but their efforts have made
    a difference in the GWOT.

    And I am proud of every one of them.
    god bless them all.

    Internet Anthropologist


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