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    Sunday, August 02, 2009

    Pakistan's GREATEST GAME, of the Great Games.

    Pakistan's GREATEST GAME, of the Great Games.

    Paradigm Intel indicates a good possibility al Qeda
    has bought its way into the depths of the Paki Government.

    Much like the Banking Mafia in the USA lobbyists has
    bought off the American Congress, 402% loans,loan sharks, toxic
    paper scam, etc. G.

    "As a three-member Supreme Court bench, comprising of Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry, Justice Sair Ali and Justice Jawad Khawaja, was hearing two identical petitions filed by the federal and Punjab governments against the June 3 release of Hafiz Saeed by the Lahore High Court, the Advocate General Punjab Raza Farooq surprised everyone in the court room on July 15 by seeking withdrawal of the Punjab government’s appeal. Stating that it was not possible to pursue the petition on the basis of the evidence that the Punjab government had against Hafiz Saeed, the Advocate General said he had instructions from the provincial government to withdraw the petition. Despite the fact that the appeal does not stand withdrawn as of now, legal experts have a unanimous opinion that the federal government will have no other choice but to let this happen if the Punjab government so desires.".......

    "Interestingly, however, the LHC judges wanted to see a copy of the government notification under which the al-Qaeda had been declared a terrorist organisation. Two days later, on June 1, 2009, the Attorney General went back to the court and told the judges that the Pakistan government had not yet declared al-Qaeda a terrorist organisation. The court subsequently told the Attorney General if that was the case, Hafiz Saeed’s having links with al-Qaeda was no offence under the law of the land. The LHC released its detailed verdict on June 6, 2009, making public the grounds on which it had ordered the release of the JuD chief. One of the grounds said: “It would be relevant to mention here at this juncture that the security laws and anti-terrorism laws of Pakistan are so far silent about the fact that al-Qaeda was a terrorist organisation”. "


    The Paki military has not yet tagged al-Qaeda a terrorist group, or killed an al Qaeda leader.

    The great game continues.



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