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    Thursday, August 20, 2009

    130 million Credit cards Evidence in trouble

    130 million Credit cards Evidence in trouble.
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank.

    While I'm not an attorney, I do have over 400 felony
    arrests to my credit, with only one loss,
    And have testified in court over 100 times.

    In the Maksym “Maksik” Yastremskiy
    note book fiasco there are problems.

    And there seems to be problems with
    the seized server's chain of custody.

    The problems are technical but if they
    can get it before a jury the State should

    The note book Which the SS made a
    copy of, no longer functions, and became
    disabled while in the SS custody.
    ( Actually in Turkish custody, but they
    were acting at the behest of the SS
    agents, and accordingly governed by
    SS legal obligations. )

    But the SS says they won't be using
    any of this info at trial.

    And the SS doesn't mention the
    chain of custody of that Image

    I always kept my evidence under lock and key.
    And our cyber work we have Time Digital Certificates,
    to prove time and date, linked to a Atomic clock.

    So the notebook maybe poisoned fruit,
    as its inaccessible and uncertain chain
    of custody.

    And the SS says they won't be using it.
    The Defense lawyers say the rest of the
    investigation stems from that seizure.

    Without that notebook coping they
    wouldn't have proceeded to the
    server seizure.

    And the Defense team is trying to
    claim the server investigation comes
    from a poisoned tree, and is non

    As for the Server they had a copy made
    of it, with an uncertain chain of custody.
    And had the server shipped to the SS.
    And may not have everyone available
    to testify as to the secure chain of custody,
    as they are foreign nationals.

    The unspoken part of this paradigm,
    is the Russian connection.

    Do they have copies of the
    130 million Credit card info.
    If so the Russian connection
    is a National security risk.

    130 million credit cards is
    around 1/3 of all the Credit
    Cards in USA.

    Putin's regime is a criminal
    based and any cooperation is
    not likely to be forth coming.

    And the credit card Info puts all
    of the 130 million people at further
    risk to ID theft and opening new
    credit lines in their names,
    without the card holders knowledge.

    This risk is for the persons life time.

    They ignore it and make it difficult
    for the victims to even be aware of
    theft of their good credit.

    The people who's CC info was stolen
    are still at risk, if it has been transefered
    to Russia.

    Kimberly Kiefer Peretti has her work
    cut out for her.


    Albert Gonzalez was a Secret Service Informant.




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