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    Thursday, July 16, 2009

    threatens to execute captured US soldier

    Haqqani Network threatens to execute captured US soldier
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    Paradigm Intel suggest if the Haqqani's do kill the US Trooper,
    the drone attacks will intensify, as a punitive measure against
    the Haqqani.

    Since the start of the year approximately 16 Predator Drone strikes have killed around 268 terrorists inPakistan's North Western region where the taliban and al Qaida are holed up. So far in July over 70 terrorists have been killed by Predator Drones. JAWA

    Expect 16 Predator strikes A MONTH, if the US Trooper is killed.

    US has thousands of spies in Afpak, and expsnding strikes to secondary and Tertiary targets
    wouldn't be a problem.

    The taliban have to make a deal fast before the spy network
    reports them.

    The capture of the US trooper has brought very heavy pressure
    on the Taliban as US lights up all informants for intel.

    Taking a US Trooper is BAD news for the Taliban,
    The only thing that will cause even more Taliban deaths
    from the SKY would be if they kill him.





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