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    Thursday, July 16, 2009

    Tâghût Ayman al Zawahiri speaks in English

    Tâghût Ayman al Zawahiri speaks in English
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank


    The context of this video, posted in English is very important.
    It is the first time big Z has spoke in English.
    Its not for Arabs, or the Pashtunes.
    It is for the English speaking in Afpaki.

    His lies are self evident.
    US is not on a crusade in Afghan or Pakistan, but a
    punitive mission against al Qaeda and the Taliban.

    al Qaeda for 911 and the Taliban for supporting
    and hiding al Qaeda.

    Big Z recognizes that the Ummah has turned against him,
    for suicide bombings, killing Muslims and women and children.
    He is very worried. And this is an attempt to turn the tide in his

    He says Pakistan won't accept external aggressive forces.
    Evidently he expects them to accept internal aggressive forces,
    the Taliban and al Qaeda.

    The Taliban has killed over 100 tribal leaders.

    He blames all political institutions and leadership in Pakistan.
    He should be blaming himself and the Taliban, they have brought
    this on themselves with bombing Mosques, market places and
    killing Moslems and women and children.

    The Taliban have no honor, as demonstrated by their actions.

    His English broadcast and the use of Americans in their
    command structure show their true colors and his fear.

    The Taliban is a dying movement.
    The Pakistani Government and the Ummah have turned against them.

    There are thousands of spies in afpak, watching and reporting on the
    Taliban and al Qaeda. We are watching the demise of two terrorist





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