Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Loan Sharks get $4,400 vig from $600 loan to blind 82 yr old widow

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    Wednesday, July 08, 2009

    Loan Sharks get $4,400 vig from $600 loan to blind 82 yr old widow

    Loan Sharks get $4,400 vig
    from $600 loan to blind 82 yr old widow.
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    I had a chance to talk to my neighbor the 82 blind widow.
    And I asked her how she got mixed up with the Payday
    loan people?

    She sais it started back when her husband was dying
    about 2 years ago, and she just didn't have the money
    for food, rent and meds etc. so she went to the Payday
    loan people and she got $600 to meet the emergency bills.
    But she has never been able to get ahead enough to
    pay the loan sharks off.

    So far she has paid $4,400 in interest ( loan sharks
    call this VIG or Juice ) on a $600 loan over the past two

    She takes in her Social Security check in to them,
    and pays the $176 dollars in interest, and pays off
    the principal of $600.

    Of course at this point she doesn't have the money
    for her bills, rent, food, utilities etc.

    So she has to barrow the $600 back.

    And the robbery starts all over again.

    They have made $4,400 dollars in interest
    from a $600 dollar loan over the past 2+
    years off a Blind 82 year old widow.

    And all this is OK with congress.
    Congress has legalized Corporate
    Loan Sharking.
    Or at least allow it.

    And the Bank mafia's victims are
    the poorest of the poor.

    The Banking Mafia has figured
    out a way to steal a Blind widows
    Social Security, and do it legally.
    The people who own and work in these places are SCUM.

    I'm just not sure WHO to give
    the "Heads up their Ass " award to.

    My readers can decide in comments.


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