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    Monday, July 06, 2009

    Wasting NSA's time

    Cybersecurity Plan to Involve NSA, Telecoms

    DHS Officials Debating The Privacy Implications

    I have trouble with this paradigm.
    Raise the bar for some but not everyone?

    the paradigm fails to address the seminal issues related to
    Internet Security.

    Not for anyone.

    Giving special consideration to some dot Gov sites
    is near sighted and short range solution.

    NSA has special signatures to test against
    for intrusion and malware.

    That does not help with new malware or
    first day exploits. It does nothing to make
    even Gov sites safer from uber state hackers.

    $18 Billion USD would be better spent
    in the civilian sector to protect EVERYONE.

    Can you imagine the efforts and work that would be expended
    to win even a $1 million USD prize for an unhackable

    Or a truly effective STONE firewall.

    Lets examine the current paradigm.

    Several Internet security companies have
    security suites and they don't even share
    signature files and block each others fire walls.

    A few security companies have research teams
    that are reactive, discover new threats and try
    to prevent them.

    They NEVER get ahead of the curve, only
    react. Limited funds and limited scope.

    One Million dollars may not be enough.

    The world needs a rethink of cyber security

    The world looses billions and billions of
    dollars a year, ID theft, credit card fraud,
    Information theft.

    And there are a few small million dollar
    cyber security companies struggling
    to keep abreast of the new threats.

    The cornfliker worm cabal is a prime
    example, there just isn't the brain
    power among the white hats to
    defeat the confliker bots.


    USA could make a world impacting
    contribution to cyber security with
    just setting up one eighteenth of that
    $18 billion dollar budget.
    Make it a Darpa challenge.
    Put up a Billion of the 18, for
    new cyber security break troughs.

    The paradigm suffers from lack of funds
    and brain power, which the black hats don't
    lack for. They rake in Billions of dollars for
    their criminal exploits, and virtually have the
    field to themselves.

    And the funding to pay fot the top brains.

    We don't need NSA side tracked into
    cyber security, we huge bonuses for
    good quality anti-malware and Stone
    fire walls.

    Something that is effective against
    the hackers.

    Not specialized signature files
    react to past attacks.

    Using NSA for cyber security
    is like using Bounty Hunters
    to keep persons from walking
    on the Library's lawn.


    It can allow hackers to remotely take control of victims' machines. The victims don't need to do anything to get infected except visit a Web site that's been hacked.

    Security experts say criminals have been attacking the vulnerability for nearly a week. Thousands of sites have been hacked to serve up malicious software that exploits the vulnerability. People are drawn to these sites by clicking a link in spam e-mail.

    The so-called "zero day" vulnerability disclosed by Microsoft affects a part of its software used to play video. The problem arises from the way the software interacts with Internet Explorer, which opens a hole for hackers to tunnel into.





    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Stop using Windows, install a real operating system (such as Linux, Ubuntu flavor recommended for novices), and you are immune to 99.99999% of RL threats online.

    2:33 AM  
    Anonymous Annonymous said...

    Stop using Windows, install a real operating system (such as Linux, Ubuntu flavor recommended for novices), and you are immune to 99.99999% of RL threats online.

    2:33 AM  

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