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    Tuesday, July 07, 2009

    Exclusive: How US soldier was captured in Afghan.

    Taliban confirms capture of US soldier.

    Exclusive: How US soldier was captured in Afghan.
    By Gerald Interent Anthropologist Think Tank

    From our sources inside the Beltway:

    First lie:
    A commander of the Taliban's hardline Haqqani faction on July 2 said his militia had captured a US soldier in Afghanistan....NOT.

    This is what appears to have happened,

    An American, enlisted Army, Pfc. stood a watch on a forward operating base until 0100, 06309, with three local Afghan militiamen. The Afghans had access to alchohol and women, off base near the village of Melech, Yusef Khiel district, Paktia province. The Afghans convinced the Pfc. to go with them to "party". The Pfc. left behind his body armor, web gear, and weapon, dressed as a local and went with them in a humvee, parking it near the village.

    They walked to a location and began drinking and "socializing" with the locals. The Pfc., later left the location, returned to the humvee and fell asleep inside. Other locals became aware of his incapacity, word got around and a local Taliban-connected tribesman and cohorts went to the humvee, captured the Pfc., restrained him and sent word to the Haqqanis. The Haqqanis sent a detachment for the Pfc. and after considerable haggling, "bought" the Pfc. from the locals.

    The Haqqanis have him and will likely want a hostage trade and concessions or save him for a later day. The Pakis are very concerned that the Pfc. will be brought to Pakistan, and will be used by us, a basis for an armed raid and/or occupation of the FATA/NWFP in Pakistan. We have been seriously threatening that all along anyway.

    The Pfc. is too important alive, there will be videos, confessions, threats, accusations, negotiations, family on CNN, etc. The Pfc. is likely quite safe for now. We do have every source lit up, but the Haqqanis are very capable, clever, and secretive. They are well able to keep him hidden indefinately.

    The Pfc. did not report for morning formation, his bunk was searched, all of his gear and weapon was there as I previously mentioned, except one odd thing, he took his daily journal along, nothing else. There is a $25,000 reward to the locals for information.

    This Maulvi Sangin that is mentioned by the media, is 34, a smuggler from the Safi clan in Mohmand, spent a lot of time in Saudi Arabia and is well connected to al Qaeda and the Haqqanis. He is the medai source for all of this and is generally regarded as pretty reliable.
    ( He phoned this in to Pajhwok Afghan News and Maulvi Sangin: Tribal Clan: Safi, Age: 34

    Maulvi Sangin son of Salim, Sangin is completely illiterate and has spent sometime in Saudi Arab. He is remained a smuggler and has a low family background. He joined jihadi type of activities after coming from Saudi Arab.G )






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