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    Tuesday, July 07, 2009

    EXCLUSIVE: Basij turning against Regime.

    From our Iranian source.
    She has proved reliable many times in the past.
    EXCLUSIVE: Basij turning against Regime.

    From an encrypted communication.
    She is fully cloaked.

    My com to her:

    Sorry to hear about your....... attack.
    Can you confirm anything about
    "coup by the revolutionary guards"

    Her reply:
    Hello Gerald
    Thank you
    This is not a coup as u many name it.
    It is an engineered centralization of power to help the Spiritual Leader to mange future clashes and crashes and purges.
    This is pre-planned from before the so called elections. sorry u cant understand Farsi but only yesterday the Leader of the opposition Mr. Rajavi sent a message in Faris its in the tube, that explains well that this was very well predicted a coupe of years ago by this resistance. The whole election was staged to get Khamenii the power for full control. Ofcourse there is a section of the Bassij which has in a way gone off control of the central gov and has made a group of resistance mainly agaisnt Ahmadinejad's thugs and Intelligence elements. They according to their statement have carried a couple of operations against certain thugs responsible for the arrest of some of their friends who denied opening fire on the people.
    So the whole thing estimated by the resistance has already begun.
    This regime will crack down from the middle and this will lead to an other element.

    sig. deleted.

    end of file. end of file.





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