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    Tuesday, July 07, 2009

    Energy shortage problem. NOT

    Energy shortage problem.
    there is NO energy shortage.
    Just a lack of technology.
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    There is no energy shortage.
    The universe is converting matter to energy as fast as it can.
    Our sun is a good example, no energy shortage there.

    There is a shortage of usable fuel on earth.
    A shortage of oil.

    And so far earth lacks the technology
    to safely convert matter into energy.

    When this technology barrier is broke
    the world will have almost unlimited
    supply of almost FREE energy.

    Can you imagine a utility bill
    for the house, auto, heat and electric
    for just a few dollars.

    Darpa says they have made such a break
    through, at least on a nano scale.


    Chip-Scale High Energy Atomic Beams 0.000 0.000 3.000
    (U) The Chip-Scale High Energy Atomic Beams program will develop chip-scale high-energy atomic beam technology by developing highefficiency
    radio frequency (RF) accelerators, either linear or circular, that can achieve energies of protons and other ions up to a few mega electron
    volts (MeV). Chip-scale integration offers precise, micro actuators and high electric field generation at modest power levels that will enable
    several order of magnitude decreases in the volume needed to accelerate the ions. Furthermore, thermal isolation techniques will enable high
    efficiency beam to power converters, perhaps making chipscale self-sustained fusion possible.
    (U) Program Plans:
    FY 2009 Plans:
    − Develop 0.5 MeV proton beams and collide onto microscale B-11 target with a fusion Q (energy ratio) > 20, possibly leading to selfsustained
    − Develop neutron-less fusion allowing safe deployment for handheld power sources.
    − Develop microscale isotope production by proton beam interaction with specific targets.
    − Explore purification of isotope systems.
    − Develop hand-held pico-second laser systems to introduce wakefield accelerators for x-ray and fusion sources.

    SOURCE: About half way down the page.

    .( If this works that would be the end of battries. G )




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