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    Tuesday, May 19, 2009

    Random stimulation for Intel paradigms.

    Random stimulation for Intel paradigms.

    Starting point.

    Limit stimulation to 15 min periods.
    Replace 'words' in video,wiith Arabic web sites.
    White papers, etc.

    Non directed Intel recons.
    Test phase.


    Piercing Information Clouds

    From this enormous bundle of data the report states 4,020 calls were linked to CREVICE - with the vast majority of those eventually assessed as being, "not related to the bomb plot itself, or even the wider facilitation network, and were in fact wholly innocent or irrelevant". What is left is therefore, an interesting piece of contemporary artwork.

    While clearly technology can provide an edge in certain circumstances its capabilities and limitations need to be clearly understood. This diagram solely relates to telephone calls, a diagram today would need to include, twitter, IM, VoIP, Email, Facebook email or even in-game chats. The data would form an enormous cloud behind, which plotters could operate.

    There isn't a clear solution to this and a number of industries are attempting to penetrate this burgeoning cloud of data to find meaning in the tweets and chirps. One potential important lesson to be drawn from this particular ISC report is that excess data can be used to hide a plot -- this is contrary to the idea of terrorists passing torn paper notes to each other to avoid electronic detection. A 'useless information' bomb could create countless link analysis diagrams that ultimately lead nowhere, hiding the real intent. Information, unlike truth may not in fact set you free.





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