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    Thursday, April 30, 2009

    N. Korea Nuke test

    SEOUL, April 30 (UPI) -- North Korea has threatened to test a second nuclear bomb and an intercontinental ballistic missile unless the U.N. lifts new sanctions and apologizes.

    The U.N. Security Council's imposition of sanctions in response to the recent launch of a long-range rocket were "wanton provocations," North Korea charged.

    A South Korea official viewed the threat as "very drastic."

    North Korea staged its first nuclear test in June, 2006.

    Experts believe North Korea can do a second nuclear test at any time, considering its plutonium stockpile and possession of several nuclear warheads, Chosun Ilbo reports say.

    It appeared the tests would be prepared in any case. The foreign ministry said in a statement that "the first step in that process" was under way, namely construction of a light-water reactor power plant.

    The statement also said technological development to secure its own supply of nuclear fuel would start "without delay."


    N. Korea has just one shot, all out attack on S. Korea, 

    and USA can pick the time for a preemptive strike.

    N. Korea and Iran are working together to share nuclear


    Blow down the next missile they send up.

    Set a punishment for violation UN sanctions.

    And follow thru on the threat.

    It would certanily give Iran pause.

    That psycopath Kimmy doesn't have the money

    to re-arm after a pre-emptive strike.

    The world has the forces to take out both Iran and 

    N.Korea at the same time.

    And would be a strong move towards thawartiung

    nuclear terrorism world wide.


    Internet Anthropologist




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