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    Tuesday, April 28, 2009

    Interrogations vs Interviews

    Interrogations vs Interviews.
      By Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tan
    Chris Matrhis on MSNBC  was running his
    usual semantic spin on his program a few days

    His carefully crafted spin was playing with 
    the word "abuses".

    He was using the word "abuses" as a synonym
    for the word "torture".

    And while torture is an abuse, not all abuses
    are torture.

    It is an expectation during an Interrogation that
    there will be abuses.

    Even the police will abuse perps during 
    interrogations, yell at them, get angry,
    lie to them.

    Chris was able to spin the CIA Interrogation 
    methods by using the word "abuses"
    instead of the word "torture".

    There is abuses during Interrogations
    but they shouldn't reach the level of torture.

    But the CIA was trying to work leads
    related to WMD.

    Both George Bush and the CIA
    had the obligation to protect USA
    against a Nuke, and had Intel
    about a Nuke strike in CONUS.

      On 911 George was told the WTC was hit twice, and the Pentagon but he was told something else too.
      That USA had intel there was a NUKE in New York city.

      George didn't come back to DC they flew him to a nuke shelter, someplace he could run the government from.
      If the USA is under threat of a Nuclear attack
      how far do you want the CIA to go to protect
    The CIA isn't conducting Interviews, these
    are Interrogations

      After the September 11 attacks, the CIA faced the daunting prospect of al-Qaeda seeking a nuclear bomb and collaborating with Pakistani nuclear scientists in an effort to build one. A mood of grim determination gripped the U.S. intelligence establishment, a sentiment highlighted by CIA Director George Tenet when he stated that "We are behind the eight ball" in tracking al-Qaeda's efforts to obtain WMDs.

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