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    Friday, March 27, 2009

    Trust ?

    Trust ?

    How can the Government re-establish
    trust in the economy?

    The public, Americans don't feel safe.
    The financial intuitions have shown by
    their actions in the toxic sub-prime paper
    and usury interest rates they are not 
    to be trusted, they have and are currently 
    involved in criminal activities sanctioned by the
    Federal Government.

    Wall street Lobbyists have gifted to congress
    $5,000,000,000.00 Billion USA.

    American public have seen these criminal banks
    buy congressmen and influence regulators and even
    consumer protection laws to the publics detriment.

    Regulators across America have failed the tax payer
    in favor of big business.

    Even as I type this FAA is refusing to institute
    laws requiring reporting bird strikes at American airports.
    They even refuse to report the voluntary reporting 
    of bird strikes for individual airports in America.

    The Banking corps were able to buy their way into
    changing laws to protect the systemic risks in our
    economic system, repealing the Glass Segal act,
    preventing Banks from infecting Wall Street with this 
    toxic sub-prime paper leading to the current world

    Then we see the Federal Government prosecuting these
    criminals but giving then a bailout, without any over
    sight. Leading to the million dollar bonuses for these

    When the ownership of congress by these criminal banking
    corps is ended, then we will see an improvement in the 
    Trust of Wall St. and the Federal Government.

    The small banks have even been tainted by the actions
    of a few huge banking corps that have lead the charge
    in the sale of sub-prime paper, and 33% criminal interest
    rates charged by these criminal banking corps and shielded
    by States without ( Delaware ) consumer protection laws and
    the illegal interest rates by a Federal Agency the comptroller
    of the currency.

    this also impacts the worlds Trust of America and the value
    of the Dollar and Treasury bonds.

    Concrete methods to reestablish trust would include limiting
    lobbyist contributions to congress to 1/10 th of current levels.

    Firing the criminal comptroller of the currency.

    Penalizing states that have weak or no consumer protection laws.

    Prosecution of loan sharks that charge usury interest rates,

    Prosecution of CEO's that knowingly sold toxic sub-prime paper.

    And re instating of Glass Segal act, and repeal of bankruptcy
    laws that allow pursuit of the Banks victims past even death,

    Regulating hedge funds and all derivatives.

    And firing the head of FAA, and mandatory reporting of bird strikes
    and reporting stats for individual air ports for public safety.




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